About Surf City Squeeze Franchise

With more than a hundred franchise units across the country, Surf City Squeeze has definitely risen from a small store to become one of the top smoothie franchises in the country.

When Phoenix, Arizona-based entrepreneur Kevin Blackwell founded Surf City Squeeze way back 1981, his concept about the business was clear.

He wanted to come up with fruit smoothie retail outlets that would eventually be designed and built for franchise. It did take Blackwell several years before finally realizing the goal but he did it. These days, there are already more than 100 Surf City Squeeze outlets across the country – and this is just the beginning. For the next five years, Surf City Squeeze is aiming for further expansion and is expecting to be on 400 locations. Again, they are aiming to do just that through extensive franchising, co-branding, expansion and even acquisitions.

Surf City Squeeze has been achieving all these success mainly because of their well-established and effective franchising system. You will have to know that even existing franchisees are further seeking additional units and locations where they can have more outlets. Of course, this is because they have seen how profitable running Surf City Squeeze franchises really are. In addition to that, countless new potential franchisees are also sending in inquiries and applications so anyone can surely be assured that Surf City Squeeze will do nothing but dominate the smoothie retail market in the future.

Interested individuals who also want to have their own Surf City Squeeze franchise units could have the guarantee that the company’s franchise department will be assisting them in every way to ensure success for the business venture too. First and foremost, they will be of help when it comes to selecting the right site for your unit. Also, you will be assisted in other matters such as construction coordination. Actually, even some needed assistance such as finding financing and looking for an excellent accountant can be expected.

After you’ve established the business, another benefit is that you can begin enjoying open interaction with other franchise owners in the country. This means you can also get in touch with them for any support and information you need. Of course, it’s also a good way to exchange ideas which may have been effective for their own stores and units.

As long as you have some industry and general business experience, then this is definitely a good way for you to start your own Surf City Squeeze business. Training is also done in an extensive way because you will be trained not only once but twice. First, one week of training will be required from you at their headquarters and shortly thereafter, there would be two-week training at your own location too. After that, you can expect to receive newsletters, get schedules for meetings and even be given a toll-free telephone line that you can call for any important and immediate matters.

Another good thing about Surf City Squeeze franchise is that it just requires a minimum number of five employees for you to maintain a particular unit – and you will get the benefits of a famous smoothie product name that’s been making waves nationwide. Amounting to $85.1K-388.8K is the total investment and $30K is the franchising fee.

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  • neeraj said on November 23, 2013
    we have a beautiful commercial space in amar colony market, lajpat nagar iv ,new delhi of 150 sqfts. interested to give it to franchise / rent.


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