How to Start Great American Cookie Franchise

Do you want to sell the best cookies? Great American Cookies put only the fresh-baked and finest goodies in their store. From one recipe and one store to another the company expanded in malls all over the country while developing a complete line of brownies and cookies.

We can help you by starting your own Great American Cookie Franchise here.

In 1977, Great American Cookies became a retail phenomenon. Their first store has opened in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, the company experienced outstanding growth across the United States. They start with finest premium ingredients, highly controlled production, and carefully tested recipes.

Startup Great American Cookie Franchise

Great American Cookies’ goal is to share their festive layout and colorful store design to encourage awareness on the fun of cookies. In addition to the store’s visual appeal, the customers are attracted by the good smell of freshly baked cookies wafting from their ovens.

There is a state-of-the-art training facility of the company called NexCen University commonly known as NexCen U. This franchise training facility is located in Norcross, Georgia teaching franchisees through seminar presentations and workshops. The subject experts are also offering a variety of services and programs specifically designed to disseminate the following:

  • Networking – you can get opportunities to network with various experienced peers and ask them to share their knowledge.
  • Crew Training – there are ongoing tips to ensure long term customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and suggestive selling techniques.
  • Operations – periodic visits from the company’s field representatives will allow you to consult on marketing and operations to help P& L management, key business metrics, consultation on store operations, and increasing profitable revenues.
  • Real Estate – site selection assistance within the United States.
  • Design and Construction – turnkey store support and design through build-out.
  • Marketing/Public Relations – support with increasing customer’s frequency visit, creating brand loyalty, driving store traffic, and building brand awareness.

Great American Cookie Franchise Business Guide

If you think you want to become a Great American Cookie franchisee, you need to follow these steps:

  • Complete their Request Franchise Information form.
  • One of the franchise development managers will call you to explain the franchise process, introduce NexCen and their brands as well as discuss basic brand information.
  • Then, you will be provided with a package that outlines the brand brochure and necessary requirements if the basic qualifiers have been met. You also need to fill out their Franchise Application.
  • NexCen will perform standard background and credit checks and if qualified, you will receive an FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) or arrange your face-to-face disclosure meeting.
  • Once everything is in order, you will be scheduled to attend a “discovery day” in Norcross, Georgia.
  • After board approval, your franchise will be granted and your Franchise Agreement will be processed for your signature. And finally, you now have a Great American Cookie franchise.


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