How to Start Yogen Fruz Franchise

With today's health conscious market, you can be sure you won't go wrong as you purchase a Yogen Fruz franchise - the fastest growing franchise for frozen yogurts.

Being young at the time, no one wanted to take the risk with Serruya brothers Michael, 19, and Arron, 20 when they started becoming interested with purchasing a franchise.

That didn’t stop either of them though because they simply opted to open their own business – a frozen yogurt shop – and eventually called it Yogen Fruz. The place was Toronto, Ontario and the year was 1986.

Believe it or not, the brothers already started franchising just barely a year after that. In 1989, Simon Serruya also joined the Yogen Fruz company and the three worked on and succeeded at a United States expansion for Yogen Fruz.

Currently, Yogen Fruz is now based in Markham, Ontario and has more than 1,520 units operating in more than 20 countries worldwide. Yogen Fruz has also been named as the Fastest Growing Franchise for the Frozen Yogurt Category by Entrepreneur Magazine. As if that wasn’t enough, the same Magazine has also recognized the company as the number 1 in their Franchise 500 list for 1999.

The entire Yogen Fruz team has truly demonstrated their commitment when it comes to different aspects of franchising such as having a close relationship with their franchisees. Their statistics actually show that they have at least 3 new outlets that open every week although experts likewise indicate that these figures are more likely to increase more and more in the next years.

For those who are interested to find out about how to start a Yogen Fruz franchise, you have to note that the above-mentioned advantages are just some of the reasons why you should consider them. In addition to that, here are some other factors that also deserve some attention from potential franchisees.

Obviously, the first one should be brand recognition. In Canada alone, Yogen Fruz has managed to get 40% of the market share and is considered as a healthy, nutritional product. As such, it instantly attracts a lot of consumers who are conscious about their own health. Other than that, Yogen Fruz also has an aggressive marketing and advertising campaign and that just works for your advantage if you are one of their franchisees. Yes, that means click ads, regional advertising and even national media coverage.

When starting with your first unit, they will also go as far as assisting you with site selection, layout consultation, training you and your staff plus other necessary support as needed. They also make it a point to send out company representatives for the purpose of field evaluations with their franchisees in a regular basis. For your store, you would only need at least 4 up to 7 employees.

Now the total investment for a Yogen Fruz franchise would be around $150,000 to $200,000. The contract term lasts from 7 to 10 years, depending on what will be agreed and only 50% of your current franchise fee once you decide.

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