Chester's Int'l Franchising Business

If you want to start a Chester's Int'l Franchising Business, you need to know how much would be the total investment and what type of training you would receive. Why would you choose it over other franchises out there?

Learn about their variety and flexibility as well as the reasons why customers love their food.

Chester's Int'l serves fresh and great tasting fried chicken cooked to perfection. The secret is a successful family recipe and process that exists for over 40 years. That’s why the chicken has a unique style and taste.

Moreover, the chicken is complemented with delicious biscuits and sides, Chester’s Original Sauce, and their signature Potato Wedges. This is not all! They’re also known for breakfast items, salads, wraps, sandwiches, and tempting tenders.

Acquiring a Chester's Int'l Franchising Business License

The franchising program of Chester's Int'l Franchising Business brings this great tasting chicken to your community. They offer flexibility in placing a Chester’s store such as in-line shopping center locations, food courts and malls, co-branded with other brands, and restaurant-in-store (supermarkets, truck stops, convenience stores).

There is also variety in menu formats such as dine-in and take-out or take-out only. They can also tailor their restaurant to your needs and the needs of the market in your area.

Here are the reasons why customers of Chester’s love the food:

  • Great tasting food – customers come back for Chester’s food
  • Easy and fast implementation – you can simply add Chester’s into your current store if you have one. In this case, it’s possible to complete the build-out and training in 8 weeks flat.
  • Simple operation – since the restaurant is easy to operate, it would translate to less training and managing, so your time can be spent on other areas of the business.
  • Strong brand, satisfied customers – the system is proven with over 1,500 franchised and licensed locations found in airports, c-stores, and travel centers throughout the world.

Chester's Int'l Franchising Business Guide

Site selection is very important in the process of opening a Chester's Int'l Franchising Business. They will provide you with the site criteria and you would need prior approval before developing the restaurant. Specifications for layout, physical design, and sample plans will also be provided.

Each location is different. But typically, you can open the restaurant within four months after the franchise agreement signing. You will receive full training on labor control, food cost control, managing the store, and point-of-sale system. In addition, you will learn how to operate the equipment and of course, prepare the great tasting chicken.

Chester's Int'l Franchising Fees, Costs and Requirements

Previous restaurant experience is not required. Your total investment ranges from $72,500-$416,400 depending on the format and store size. However, if you’re qualified for financing, you will only shell out cash of $50,000-$100,000. And with this investment, you will have everything you need to begin operating a Chester's Int'l restaurant.

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  • Bob Carroll said on August 14, 2009
    Looking for a money making franchise in a small rural community. Is this the one????


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