Starting Melting Pot Restaurants Franchise

The Melting Pot Restaurant has attained its success since it was built by its early founders. With today’s enormous growth of this business, you can also share the success by being one of the Melting Pot franchisees.

If you want to invest in a restaurant with a recognized niche for the products being served then having your own Melting Pot store will be the best choice for franchise.

Aside from the guaranteed demand that the restaurant offers, the good news in having this franchise is having affordable investment requirements. The initial franchise fee in starting the business is only $35,000 with a low total investment of $876,695 to $1,544,695! The annual royalty fee is only 4.5% and the term of agreement is at least 10 years. If you wish to renew then you just have to reinvest for half the initial franchise fee.

Melting Pot is a unique restaurant because its specialty, fondues, has become a hit in every place in the United States. The business started more than 30 years ago where the owners found a niche in the dining industry by serving delectable fondue recipes which were first served in Maitland, Florida. Swiss cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, and beef fondue were the first menu dishes during that time that made the restaurant gain its popularity across the state. The restaurant is not only known for their food but also the ambiance in their store. Because of the business success in their first store, the stores multiplied across the United States over the years up to present.

The first known store in Tallahassee started when a college student working as a waiter at the very first Melting Pot decided to open new branch with his brother. From then on, that store succeeded and the franchise of other stores continued in 1980. From then on, stores started to mushroom in different parts of the United States and the Melting Pot of Tallahassee soon became today’s what we have known as The Melting Pot Restaurants Inc.

At present, there are over 142 store locations in 37 states which include District of Columbia. Twenty-eight locations are now currently under development which proves that the company continues to grow. In fact, the owners are excited about having the first Canadian stores soon! They have been looking forward to locations being anticipated in Canadian provinces which include Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Calgary. Since they are considered the premier franchise for fondue restaurants, they are planning to take the world for global franchise.

Currently, the Melting Pot restaurant is seeking people enthusiastic in starting Melting Pot Restaurants franchise in the United States, Canada, Japan, The Middle East Mexico, South Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, India, China, and Sweden, among other select markets. Be one of the first in your country!

You can also become one of the successful owners of the restaurant by deciding to buy a Melting Pot franchise. Visit their site and start inquiring now.

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  • Glenn Richard Osborne said on February 3, 2011
    hello,I am very much interested owning a franchise for melting pot Restaurants in Hyderabad/Secunderabad (A.P.) India, Request you to Furnish me with every details regarding the formalities to be performed at my part.wish to get a fruitful & earliest feed back.


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