How to Start a Bike Repairing Store

Bicycle riding is an activity millions of people enjoy. However, only a few know how to fix a bike when something goes wrong.

This is your opportunity to cash in on that skill and offer your services by starting a bike repairing store right from your own garage. Here are some tips to set you on a ride to profits.

Tool up. Surely, you cannot fix bicycles with your bare hands. That is why tools are your best buddies to get your customers’ bicycles in running condition. You will not need expensive, sophisticated tools to get started. Most of the tools you will need are inside your basic toolbox such as Allen wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, cutters, and ratchets to name a few. If ever you will need a few more items, it should not cost much.

You must also stock up on some spare parts. A cost-effective way to get them is from used bicycles that you can take apart. Look through junk yards, yard sales and secondhand stores. Ask your family and friends if they have old bicycles they want to get rid of. Not only will you save money but you will also gain more knowledge on bicycles and have an inventory of used parts for sale.

Get several good repair manuals. These will familiarize you with other bicycle styles and models you have not encountered before. Moreover, they can guide you in doing repairs that require higher levels of expertise. Don’t worry. Starting your store does not require you to be a master bike mechanic first. A basic bicycle repairs knowledge can get your business up and running. You can then improve your skill as you gain more hands-on learning experience.

If you will open your bike repairing store from your own garage, do check your city’s zoning laws. Make sure that your store can be easily seen from the street. You can put up a large sign in front of your house to attract customers.

Word of mouth is a very powerful and cheap way to advertise in your community that you are in the bike repair business. You may also handout business cards, flyers, create a website, post advertisement online and the yellow pages or post announcements on social networking sites.

Before opening your business, you can volunteer to fix bicycles of family and friends to increase your working knowledge and experience. This will give you a valuable learning period not just in repairing bikes but also give you a better idea of the kind of setup you will need.

Give the best quality work on every repair job. Keep in mind that the safety of the bicycle owners depends on you. Before you turn over the bikes to your customers, make sure that everything is working properly and that you have performed a test drive to check for any errors.


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