Open a Blue Ribbon Repair Shop

In opening a blue ribbon repair shop, you must specialize in complete body repair and paint, automotive accessories and sound enhancement. A car owner would easily distinguish a good repair shop from an excellent one.

As you open a blue ribbon repair shop, you must not only offer quality services but also customer satisfaction.

Choosing the right repair shop for your vehicle is like putting your investment on a safe deal. Most car owners select auto repair shops which are trustworthy, dependable and reliable at a reasonable cost. As you open a blue ribbon repair shop, you must offer great deal of service, whether comprehensive repair from car accident, or from simple repair services, and up to accessories purchase for an automobile.

Top of the service is expected from employees who are equipped with skills and knowledge in the latest auto repair technology. Complex and integrated tools are used to ensure quality and meet the standards of the ever rising technology. Assurance can be given to customers that their automobiles are handled by experts in having a certification. If you want to gain success, you must value the need for continued education for all its employees to cope up with the fast rising technology. You must set the procedures and guidelines to meet the standards in auto repair. You must come up with a repair shop which basically works for both the company and customers advantage.

As you start and run a blue ribbon repair shop, you must have the capability to manage cost, provide quality repair and meet customer driving needs. Services that you can offer include towing assistance, auto glass service and a rent-a-car enterprise.

Having a car accident is not a very good experience, aside from the danger on one’s life, the vehicle value also depreciates. With a quality and efficient car repair, the value can be enhanced and somehow may lessen the trauma caused by the accident. You must ensure that customers get their best chance in regaining their vehicles value. Customer’s insurance rights are also considered wherein the repair shop is open for estimation and audit on material used for the repair.

Auto body repair requires state of the art equipments and facilities. Your blue ribbon repair shop must be updated technology and is proud of having the latest in paint technology such as special diagnostic computers, heated spray booths and inferred heat lamps. The use of Chromovision technology is also mastered to enhance color. Not yet mentioned is the fact that most equipment are computerized to achieve accuracy.

Specialize also in accessories, blue ribbon auto inc. includes grill guards, wheels and tires, protective bumpers, mud flaps, nerf bars and programmable chips for diesel engines as main offers to upgrade or customize vehicles.
The audio or sound system is the most impacting car asset for some customers or car enthusiasts. Your blue ribbon repair shop must also offer services in the form of integrated stereo systems, bluetooth, i-pod hookers and custom built audio systems.

As a guarantee for extreme customer satisfaction, your blue ribbon repair shop must welcome insurance work, provides written warranty on repairs and most of all ensures service is directed towards customers requirements and needs.


  • Nieva Alberto said on January 9, 2011
    1558 Atlantic ave brooklyn ny 11213. possible some information how to be coming recommend body shop for insurance comp.
  • Jessica Kornegay said on May 9, 2012
    My husband and Father-in-law currently own Kornegays Auto Body in Dudley, NC. We are trying to become a Blue Ribbon Body Shop. But I am having a hard time finding out how to go about it. If you could give me some insight I would greatly appreciate it!


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