Industrial Machinery and Equipment Repair and Maintenance Business

Every business needs a machine or two to operate. As every piece of equipment or device is bound to fail or get broken at some point, a repair will always be necessary for the life of a tool. If you have skills, training, or experience in machine repair, you could start a business providing this service.

Find out the primary considerations in opening this business.

machinery and equipment repair

To start a business repairing and maintaining commercial and industrial machinery and equipment, one needs the experience or the formal training to fix heavy equipment for the construction or machines for an office. Or, if the prospective business owner has none of these, he could hire someone who does. This technical skill may have been earned due to a person’s previous work or by enrolling in certificate programs and training. To find colleges offering machine and equipment repair trainings, visit

Machine and Equipment Repair Shop Space

Among the most important questions a prospective repair shop owner must ask is whether he has the space to do the repairs and keep the equipment for the trade. Though some of the rehabilitation work and most maintenance jobs he will do will be on-site, still regularly, he would need a base to receive clients and get service orders. He could either operate from a personally owned property or lease a space. In both cases, he must check with local authorities whether he can perform in his chosen location.

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Machine and Equipment Repair Shop Tools

The machine and equipment repair business needs tools for welding and lifting machines for repair and hand tools for attaching or detaching small parts like screws and bolts. The technicians doing repair jobs for heavy equipment, in addition, might need protective implements like safety glasses, masks, and ear protectors. As the tools for this trade are capital intensive, a person planning to open this business must consider his financing source carefully.

Machine and Equipment Repair Service

A shop in this line of business could be repairing equipment and doing preventive maintenance to ensure the machines are working at their optimum performance and adequately to avoid operator accidents. It could be servicing phones, laptops, printers, computers, fax machines, imaging equipment, paper shredders, escalators, loaders, feeders, hoppers, backhoes, graders, tractors, presses, milling machines, or lathes. Clients could come from the construction, mining, military, railroad, and manufacturing industries.

Customer Service is of utmost importance in any business. A breakdown could cost them significant income loss for businesses that rely heavily on machines. Usually, they would look for a repair service that is reasonable and timely – one that meets the timetable in the contract. A good repair service thus has a sound system of tracking work so that deadlines are met, and customers’ expectations are met.

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  • sunil kumar said on September 22, 2011
    want to start a hydraulic pump, motor, cylinder, valves, transmission workshop in india. Location will be jaipur, rajasthan, india
  • miloud Bekkoucha said on December 4, 2011
    Want to start Servicing & Repair of Valves Workshop in Abu Dhabi
  • Rodney Tocci said on September 19, 2012
    By the end of the 1980s US manufacturing was in cutback mode. Small size Industries that required local shops to maintain their mechanical tools stopped using the local repair companies. Over time, these repair companies closed. The owners have mostly retired but I have not. The need to train qualified repair technicians to counter industrial wear and tear was in low demand. Twenty years later the US has very few repair technicians in the workforce capable of starting repair business. These workers are multi-skilled in mechanics and controls. Many were first class Machinist, Welders, Electrical Troubleshooters, Motor and Pump repair Specialist, Hydraulic and Pneumatic repair Specialists all rolled into one Professional. This kind of worker was a specific professional. If America ever hopes to reengage manufacturing with good reliability then this specialized repair professional must also preexist in our manufacturing community. The small manufacturer needs this or they will only incur a higher cost to keep their companies running as they become worn down. Concord, NH is starting to grow with small startup manufacturing companies, but there are few if none machine repairer companies to keep them running healthy. I would like to restart The Machine Repair Company of the past that was closed down in 1988. America needs such a company again.
  • Sachin Dongre said on April 8, 2013
    hall sir, I have done many repair jobworks of Heavy Duty engine on site. i want to start business in vidarbha Area Nagpur (maharashtra) , India . i am diploma mechanical engineer.Having 9 to 10 years Exp. of repair jobs of engine and maintenance of heavy earth moving equipments also done hydraulics and transmission repairing works and team of trained peoples.
  • Ananda A. Lohar said on August 18, 2013
    ind. manual machine repair work Lethe, milling, shaping, slotting, boring machine, etc.
  • Stephen Ogden said on May 29, 2014
    over the past 20 years i have worked in the maintenance engineering field with some great success in both the solid waste processing industry as well as the food manufacturing industry. something i have come to realize in trying to hire competent maintenance personnel is they are extremely hard to come by, at least in Portland ,Or.. I have begun to move my career path toward filling the void by creating a maintenance contracting co.. my intention is to repair, rebuild and PM machinery using mills, lathes, as well as other tools of the trade. my target group is small manufacturing companies and restaurants that do not have the resources and or the desire to invest in a full time maintenance staff. having the equipment to make repairs and parts close by will reduce OEM purchases(lower part costs) and down time. in doing this, equipment effectiveness will rise resulting in greater revenue for both the customer and my company.
  • Larry Medlin, eastern NC said on June 8, 2014
    Hello my name is Larry in Medlin I reside in Eastern North Carolina. I've worked as a maintenance engineer for various manufacturing companies throughout North Carolina. I have received many certifications to satisfy the manufacturing engineering position on different pieces of equipment. Throughout My experience I have worked with some excellent people. I am considering opening my own contracted Maintenance Company. I have met a group of people with very excellent skills in their respect. i and as a group I believe We would be able to meet manufacturers needs without costly downtown. I don't really have the funding to start this venture on my own and would be willing to join and similar type of venture please, Feel free to contact me at this email.I have been working as a maintenance engineer with several industries throughout North Carolina. I have work in Maintenance tonight since I was 18 years old and various manufacturing industries
  • KAMAL KISHORE said on October 15, 2014
  • KAMAL KISHORE said on October 15, 2014
    Hello my name kamal kishor is I reside in heart of city Delhi in India . I've worked as a electrical maintenance engineer for various manufacturing companies throughout Delhi and NCR NOIDA (UP). I have received many certifications to satisfy the manufacturing electrical panel & repairing . Throughout My experience I have worked with some excellent people. I am considering opening my own contracted Maintenance Company. I have met a group of people with very excellent skills in their respect. i and as a group I believe We would be able to meet manufacturers needs without costly downtown. I don't really have the funding to start this venture on my own and would be willing to join and similar type of venture please, Feel free to contact me at this email.I have been working as a maintenance engineer with several industries throughout Delhi/noida (UP) India . I have work in Maintenance last 25 year , I have lot of experience of different field like marketing of electrical product of multinational companies Schneider Electric , Ge, leegrand , hpl , standard , ABB,
  • rajesh gora said on November 25, 2014
    I want part time job for maintenance hydraulic and mechanical machines repair and erection and commission work in ncr
  • Thapelo Melamu said on April 21, 2015
    My Business will located in the Northern Cape in South Africa, I would like to start a business of Importing, Sales, Repair/refurbishment, Service Exchange of all mining and construction mobile equipment subassemblies/components and spares as well as line boring and full rebuilds on these equipment. I would like to have a sample of a business plan for this type of business
  • vigita said on January 24, 2016
    I do repair & maintenance of all kind of Electrical machinery, including power tools, basically construction equipment, located in Mumbai VIGITA 09869921521.
  • William Foley said on January 8, 2017
    @Rodney, You have nailed it right on the head buddy. I feel alone in this world because no matter where I go my skills are way ahead of my peers. I am one of those professionals your talking about. Not sure how I learned to be the type of mechanic I am. Pretty much a one man show. I can pretty much design, engineer, assemble, create preventative maintenance scheduling, and then my greatest asset, I can troubleshoot it as well for electrical, hydraulics, pnuematics, mechanical, refrigeration, force-draft combustion, Welding, CNC, PLC Troubleshooting and Programming (Mainly Allen Bradley), Conveyors and Conveyor Trafficking. There is more but all i can think at the moment. I find that people realize I always get it going and very quickly. I have walked up to many many downed machines not knowing what it did or ever seeing one before and once I can understand what its not suppose to be doing in my head right the fix comes moments after sometimes instantly. I fixed machines that had been running at a crawl with no one able to get to 100% output capacity for over a year and then I would be another person they throw at it and the last one because I would figure out a fix. Well it has worn on me many years because why send someone else you know will not get it as fast if can get it at all when you discovered I can and do get it. Gets to point where i get burned out and heavy feeling of being used by those in charge. It so happens that I am here researching the idea of opening such a business like you said from the past. And your right about having the right attitude toward exemplary service. I'm what you might call anal when it comes to not wasting a minute when something is down and costing money every minute it is down. I have had hours turn into days on issues as well, with my longest run without sleep being 27 hours. I have to go now and hope my road brings me back to share more.
  • Abdul Rohman said on January 4, 2023
    I plan to start a one-stop solution for Engineering and Maintenance Plant Service and MRO, especially for mechanical and rotating equipment, plant modification, fabrication, and skid system package. The location and market will be throughout Indonesia. Please contact me.


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