Start a Coffee Equipment Supply and Repair Business

If want to start a coffee equipment supply and repair business, it would be an advantage if you know the skills and knowledge in repairing coffee equipment. You can undergo training or you can hire a professional technician.

Coffee equipment varies in terms of brands and models. Find a supplier of the coffee equipment and secure inventory.

Knowing the Industry

Starting a coffee equipment supply and repair business can be a very good way to make money. New business owners can start with a home business and when they start earning considerable profits, expansion can be possible. Coffee equipments are available in different brands and designs. Among these are the water filtration systems, grinders, coffee brewers, espresso machines, etc. You should know how to repair these coffee equipments and one way to develop the needed skills is by undergoing training. Another option would be to hire a certified technician.

Only a professional technician will have adequate knowledge on the different types of equipment. The technician should know where the equipment originated and whether it’s used for grinding, roasting, or serving. Together with the skills of the technician, the customers can expect immediate repair service for their coffee equipment. The goal of your business is to provide good quality coffee equipment and at the same time, provide repair services with the aim of satisfying the customers with a great tasting coffee! Since you’re going to focus in two different areas – supplying the market with coffee equipment and repair such equipment, it would help a lot if you hire 2 or more employees.

Securing Licenses or Permits

What are the regulatory requirements in your state? In most cases, you will need to secure a business license. Try to inquire if you need to get a surety bond. Studying the existing competition is also advised so that you will know the local pricing of coffee equipment and the rates charged for the repair services. Determining the billing system that you will use beforehand is a good idea. With a home supply and repair business, you will need a smaller upfront capital. However, if you decide to start with your own store in the town/city center, you may need larger capital.

Securing insurance is vital as well. Most clients ask about insurance before doing business with repair companies. The insurance will also protect you from personal liabilities. A repair business that has an insurance coverage is more reputable than others who do not secure one. Find a supplier of the coffee equipment. To do this, you can use the internet to find a reputable and established supplier. You need to purchase enough inventories. You can refer to your market study and analysis when purchasing coffee equipment. Get the ones that are of high demand in your area. Start your own business now and do it properly to ensure success.


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