How Companies Advertise

Starting a company is never easy but running the business is a different matter altogether. Accordingly, advertising is one of the essential tools a company must possess in order to keep the business afloat amidst competition.

In line with this, the following is a guide to different advertising tools companies utilize to reach as many consumers or clients as possible.

Advertising is one of the most important tools in the success of every business. Big and small companies alike rely on this tool in order to make their businesses known to their target consumers. Depending on the size, financial capacity and target market of the company, different advertising strategies are accordingly employed. This includes online and offline advertisements, and television or radio commercials.

Online Advertisements

Online advertisements are one of the most widely-used form of advertisement by companies around the world, may it be small or large business firms. This is due to the extent of its reach as the use of Internet becomes a necessity nowadays. More and more people use the World Wide Web either for business or personal purposes. With this, advertising online is one of the fastest and most effective advertising tools available to suit every company’s needs, especially for relatively larger business firms that needs to expand the extent of their operations in a more or less global scale. Some website even offers packages to better meet the financial capacity of the company.

Offline Advertisements

This type of advertisement is proven to be most effective for new companies or relatively smaller business establishments. Offline advertisements come in various forms. This includes simple business cards, posters, print ads, sponsorship packages and even business conventions. In these ways, the company is made known to the public in slower but more pronounced way, one area at a time. Smaller companies usually starts by handing out business cards, leaflets and flyers on public places such as malls, train and bus stations. Some also join business conventions and sponsor events such as concerts or fund raising activities in order to be known to the public.

Although not as extensive as the online for of advertising, the information about the company and its business is directly given to the target market. This helps the consumers to be familiarized with the company, especially those that are not accustomed to online marketing.

Television and Radio Commercials

Television and Radio have become part of the lives of people for the past five decades. These are vital sources of both information and entertainment. With these, companies usually utilize either medium in order to advertise their business. Through televisions and radios, companies are able to reach their target market in simple but effective information commercials. The time slot and the television or radio program where these information commercials are shown or aired also influences the effectiveness of the advertisement, including the range of the target market.


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