Newsletter Advertising Rates

There are many factors affecting newsletter-advertising rates. This includes the size, technical expertise, publication schedule and other matters of relevant importance.

Newsletter Advertising is a convenient and affordable way to publicize and promote products and services to nonprofit community and their supporters.

Aside from determining their rates, it is equally important to know some details that influence the advertising rates and its effectiveness as well. This includes determining the volume of subscribers of the said newsletter, how your advertisement information will be relayed and by what means it will be handed to subscribers.

Determine also the frequency of publication. Is it daily, weekly or monthly? And in how many countries should it be distributed? All these factors play an important role for the advertisement’s efficient exposure.

To give a gist on ranges of advertising rates, here are some from newsletter with wide reading community.

There are ads priced at $90 for those positioned at the top or positioned first with 10 lines of text. For second or middle section, $48 with eight lines of text and for third or bottom positioned, ad rate is at $12 per line with up to six lines of text. Additional lines of text may be added at a rate of $800 per line, to a maximum of 6 lines total.

There are also rotating ads with rate of $100 per month for one rotation. Three months for $240 with 20% discount; six months for $450 with 25% discount; and $840 for 12 months with 30% discount. These rates increase in direct proportion with the number of rotations.

For non-rotating, rate is usually $25 for one month, $45 for two months with 10% discount, $65 for three months with 13% discount and so on. Additional line entails additional rate.

This rate is not constant. As earlier mentioned, it differs depending to newsletter publication terms and conditions.

The size has also a significant effect on the rate and it varies as to quarter page, half page, full page, or any other custom sizes allowed by the publication.

Discounts are available usually for corporate members of the newsletter of your choice. It also goes true that not all newsletters accept advertisements for merely profit purposes. Some rejects advertisers who offer products or services that directly compete with those offered their corporate members.

In choosing for the right publication, bear in mind how they will provide maximum visibility for your advertisement. Take also into consideration the technical expertise and creative design. It must be designed in a way that readers may grasp the information easily, ease in comprehension is very important. It must also be creative enough to get the attention of the readers.

Payment terms is usually given at least a week before the publication date. In most of the terms and conditions, all ads must be prepaid.


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