How to Start Fast-teks On-site Computer Services Franchise

If you’re looking for a lucrative business opportunity, why don’t you open a Fast-teks On-Site Computer Services? You will have a chance to earn good profits especially if you’re knowledgeable enough in computer services.

Join the company’s family and partner now and become a recognized name in the business industry.

If you possess management skills regardless of your background, you can become one of Fast-teks’ professionals. As a franchisee, you will not be the one to do the actual repair. You will simply manage your own staff of trainers and technicians. Your staff will be the ones to provide the services to residential and business customers. The business plan of Fast-teks is already proven and this is your chance to team-up or become a partner of this company.

The Opportunity

If you enter the industry now, you can benefit greatly since a lot of computers in the US and in other countries need to be upgraded and replaced in the coming years. Business and consumers will surely rely on computer specialists and even outsourcing. Once you become a franchisee, you can now offer services and repair like troubleshooting, cable set up, DSL, virus removal, data backup, wireless networking, recovery, website development, and preventive maintenance. You will need to pick which one you’re going to franchise – business services, high technology, staffing, computer repair, and web production. The good thing about this kind of franchise is that you don’t need a storefront. The costs include $19,500 for the franchise package and an additional of $5,000 to $10,000 for the advertising and start up expenses. You can eliminate the overhead costs. You will simply need to focus on management, marketing, and advertising. The technicians will be furnished by Fast-teks and so you don’t have to worry about hiring your staffs. You will have a chance to witness a world class marketing plan. For more than 12 years now, the company has already proven its worth and they have served Canada and the US effectively. You can also access the Advertising Department where you can get the promotional and marketing materials for free.

Help for Franchisees

Fast-teks has a Call Center where all the incoming calls of franchise owners like are received. The call center will be responsible for dispatching your technicians and for selling your business to potential clients. This will ensure that you will not miss any opportunity. You can now better focus on the management and growth of your business. On-site training is also offered to those who want to franchise Fast-teks but you can also arrange for training in your area or location. Ongoing support is offered to all franchisers. You can get unlimited access to the intranet of Fast-teks like documents, databases, conference calls, conferences, forums, and other tools that will ensure the growth of your business. If you’re discriminate enough and you want a very good opportunity to make money, this is your chance. Check out Fast-teks Computer Services now and comply with their terms of agreement.


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