How to Spot Subliminal Ads

If you want to decipher the subliminal messages of every advertisement you see, you must read this article. Ads are really powerful and many companies are making lots of money through various kinds of ads.

As a consumer, you shouldn’t believe in everything you see in the advertisements because not all of them are true. Instead, look for subliminal messages.

Spotting Subliminal Messages

Ads are almost anywhere you go. Did you know that advertisements have subliminal messages? Well, if you’re wondering how to spot subliminal ads, you’re in the right place. Some messages can be overt but mostly are covert. It’s not hard to decipher the messages as long as you are familiar with the steps. Firstly, you will need to identify the products that make sure of subliminal advertising. Some examples are food, jewelry, cigarettes, cars, and alcohol. Other products may also use subliminal ads but these products are the most common.

Read the advertisement carefully. Glancing at the ads is not enough if you want to decipher the subliminal message. Take your time in studying the ad from top to the bottom and from the left to right. This is the only way to reveal cues. Is the message suggestive, embedded, or overt? Messages that are hidden in the images are harder to decipher while the overt ones are very visible. The visible ones are indicated on the ads’ texts. Suggestive ads are those that make use of models or other prominent persons.

Looking for the Unusual Things

As you observe an advertisement, you should always look out for anything that is unusual or out of place. You can try looking for subtleties like shapes, the people found in the ads, and other things. When observing ads, you should be relaxed because if you’re not, you can easily miss the subliminal messages. In most cases, ads are intended for people who simply glance at the advertisement. You need to be aware that such messages trigger your subconscious mind so you can easily trust your instincts. Consider this – when you glance at an ad, what catches your attention? Don’t be satisfied by simply glancing at the ads. You must pay attention to it closely and try reading it in reverse. By doing so, you may be able to identify the message.

A lot of ads can easily influence the buying decisions of many people and perhaps you’re one of them. It’s not always good to believe everything you see in the advertisements. Once you learn to decipher the subliminal messages, you can now arrive at an informed buying decision. It’s up to you whether you will patronize a certain product/service or not. Advertisements are simply used by companies and organizations to influence the people. They are sending out messages that you should be able to make sense of before you can decide.


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