How to Write a Television Commercial

If you want to learn how to write a television commercial, you should know the most basic procedure. To come up with a script, you should first generate some excellent ideas.

You should study the target audience so that you decide on the right voice tone to use. From there, you can already handle the other aspects with ease.

Tips to Write a Television Commercial

Television commercials are really interesting. A day will not pass without hearing some form of commercial on TV, radio, and on the web. If you’re interested on how these commercials are created, then perhaps you want to know how to write a television commercial. Did you know that in one day you can already create a commercial that will surely get a lot of attention? You can start by identifying the things that inspire you. You see, it’s easy to convince people to buy a product through television commercials since the more they see the commercials, the more they know about the products.

You have to come up with great ideas that can help you in writing TV commercials. Ideas are not always executed so don’t conflict it with execution. Ideas can enter your mind unexpectedly or perhaps you’ve already thought about it from some time now. You can get ideas from existing commercials or you can also borrow ideas from Hollywood. However, you should never copy other materials. You should also know how your brain works. The left side is usually the one that dominates while the other side (right) is for the visual. You have to turn the ideas into images that will capture the attention of viewers. Try creating a storyboard so that you will have something to follow through the creation process.

Working on the Script of Television Commercial

The hardest part is probably writing the script but you see, you only have to be less rational when writing but try to be more emotionally convincing. Brand truths are easier to impart to the viewers through a process called ‘Arche-typing’. This will result to a creative TV commercial that the public will accept readily. But wait… before you write the script, you must decide on the right voice tone. You should first consider the tone of your voice to be able to begin with the script. Always emphasize on your word counts.

When it comes to advertising, you will usually come up with ideas related to demonstration, presenter, problem/solution, inversion, analogy, borrowed interest, and slice of life. Keeping the commercials simple is vital and also, you should try to put some sense of humor into it. Writing comedy is good but instead of concentrating on gags, you should start creating a character. Choosing a good director can make or break your commercial. Before you use the script, review it thoroughly. A commercial begins with a script and once you’ve created it, other aspects are easier to tackle.


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