How to Write Business Emails

With a business email, entrepreneurs can communicate with customers and potential business partners and allow their companies to expand the operation.

To optimize the potential of this online marketing tool, communication experts believe that businessmen should consider using a program that will allow them to manage the influx of inquiries coming from people.

With the arrival of the latest electronic media which is the Internet, the business industry has been drastically changed that anyone who will resist in the changes will be buried in the avalanche of the information technology.

One of the most effective online marketing tools is business email that allows companies to reach potential customers, business partners, vendors, and suppliers.

To utilize this online tool, this is the list of guidelines entrepreneurs should consider:

Contact management program

Because email communication is the most affordable way of reaching customers and business partners, many companies use this tool as a way to communicate with target-market.

However, to make email communication highly effective, businessmen should use a contact management program to handle their customer and vendors’ list. According to software experts, people can access this program from several sites which usually offer this for free.

Include the company email to the website

To optimize the company website, entrepreneurs should include their contact email to the webpage that will allow customers and potential business partners to communicate with them. However, companies should make sure that every inquiry is immediately answered to prevent people from losing interest.

Meanwhile, the company website should also have anti-spam programs to prevent unsolicited messages from flooding its email files.

Check email once a day

For small-scale businessmen who have limited number of employees, checking their email may be time-consuming and distracting. To prevent wasting precious time, experts advise people to only check once a day their email; doing this will also allow them to have their focus.

If possible, avoid sensitive business issues

While the Internet has made it easier for people to communicate, experts believe this electronic media lacks intimacy no matter how interactive it may seem to be for online users.

With this consideration, experts believe that people should avoid bringing up sensitive issues using their business email. Ideally, people should resort to traditional communication when facing with sensitive issues: face-to-face conversation.
However, if personal discussion is not possible, the next best thing is phone call.

Follow the KISS in writing a business email

In writing a business letter, especially in online version, people should follow the KISS format (Keep It Short and Simple). This means that the letter has no lengthy and wordy paragraphs which may put off people from reading the message.


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