Mobile Billboard Truck Costs

Billboard advertising is a traditional way of marketing but how can the values of investment will be doubled? Mobile billboard is the latest way of advertising, billboard trucks are one among all which carries the mobile billboards used for outdoor advertising. Next is, how much a billboard rates, a mobile billboard truck doesn't cost a lot. This article has some tips on mobile billboard prices.

Billboards are a type of outdoor advertising structures that are typically seen along busy thoroughfares. They usually have large slogans with memorable catch lines and distinctive accompanying visuals (pictures or drawings.) Mobile billboards are mounted banners on top of flatbeds (or other vehicles); their sole task is to drive or park in high visibility locations to draw the public's attention.

Mobile advertising is now considered as a dynamic and rapidly expanding industry. It has a high rate of effectiveness and is less costly than conventional advertising in print, in TV commercials or in infomercials. Mobile billboards are usually relegated to areas with the highest volume of vehicles and pedestrians. Congested traffic is actually a boon, rather than a bane for this industry. Drivers who are stuck in traffic will most likely notice, read and remember the ads on the mobile billboard trucks. This type of advertising also hopes to attract the attention of pedestrians on the side of the streets. Mobile advertising has several forms, and seemingly more “creative measures are being undertaken to expand this industry.

The most common form of mobile billboard ads are those printed on vinyl wraps that are mounted on trailers or flatbed trucks. Bus (and cargo truck) advertising works under the same principle, but often uses small and lightweight “boards.”

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Other more creative examples of mobile billboard include DMB or Digital Mobile Billboards with L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diodes) technology; this can usually be seen atop cabs or delivery trucks, flashing slogans, company names, and contact numbers. A Skyboard is an advertising tool mounted on its own flatbed trailer. It also uses flexible vinyl wraps attached to a collapsible steel frame. Once the flatbed trailer finds a suitable place, the Skyboard raises itself automatically within a few minutes; it has a total ad space of up to 4,000 square feet. There are Billboard Boats as well: billboards that are towed by water vessels on oceans and lakes.

Aside from the different forms of mobile billboard trucks, and the number of vehicles you want to use, cost is also affected by the duration of time that the ad campaign will run, the materials you want used, location of the campaign and the “creative” cost of designing the advertising banner. Sometimes there are local laws that dictate taxes for such advertising ventures, so that may add to your overall cost.

The prospective size of the banner you want also affects its cost; the standard billboard size is 22.8’x10.5’ on a flat surface. Anything beyond that or modifications to that will affect its cost. Companies are also asking prospective buyers to give them sufficient time to mount the campaigns. A good 2 to 3 weeks will give them a nice head start. If, in case, you need a rush job, companies will charge you “extra,” adding more to the advertising cost. The usual run of these mobile billboard trucks is 8 hours, anything beyond that will also be charged as “extra.”

Most mobile billboard advertising companies sell packages for you to choose from. These packages are inclusive of all expenses minus local tax. The cost of mobile billboard advertising is more or less in the $2,500 department. The lowest that any company can ask is around $1,250. The highest can reach well over $5,000.

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    Flint,Mi. No body ever put how much the average truck and/or trailer costs. Any help?
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    Hello I'm purchasing a. 22 foot truck for my business. The available ad space is roughly 22 ft x 91 inches x 2 plus rear roll up door I'm looking to get hooked up with a advertising company. To advertise for this truck 95% New York City and the five boroughs. Any information would be helpful to connect with Mobil ad companies 516-779-8651
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