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Blog advertising is becoming more popular and if you are planning to have some profits from your blogs, determining the appropriate advertising rates is necessary task.

Factor to consider is of having proper tool for rate determination in accordance to site traffic, and the size and location of the ads

Blogging has been injected in our today’s culture. What was once a historical account of a blogger’s experiences is now becoming a profitable advertising venue.

Blog advertising enables online promotion of products and services on blogs. It is simply incorporating marketing with blog posts and today, post sponsorship is one of the most prominent. Post sponsorship is including links and targeted keywords within a blog post for an advertiser, which is reciprocated with monetary value for the blogger.

There are many options in blog advertising but generally, most bloggers prefer those that offer maximum return on investment.

This form of advertising is a way of taking advantage of your blog’s popularity. Once you set on placing advertisements on your blog, comes next is the determination of the rates. There is actually no specific rate for this. It all depends on the terms and conditions of both parties.

By and large, blog advertising rate is the money a client pays per word in an advertised blog post. Or, it can be the amount a blogger defined based on the size or length requirement of the post.

One deciding factor for the advertiser to set up on your blog is the ratio between the rates of advertising against the amount of views generated by your site. A tool that usually helps in determining the rates is through CPM or Cost-Per-

Mille which is equivalent to 1,000. Say, your blog has 300,000 page views monthly. For a 125-sidebar ad, which is the most common, the blog, for example, charges 450% monthly. That is 300,000 divided by 1,000, which is 300. Divide 450% by 300 and you will get 1.5% CPM.

For beginners, it is considerable enough to start at a lower rate about 0.5% CPM. You may increase it gradually as your blog site receives more hits.

Many factors dictate blog advertising rates. This includes the traffic, size, and advertisement location. The traffic is the volume of visitors or hits that a blog site receives. This greatly influences the decision of advertisers. The higher the traffic the better and it means more exposure for the ads. The size varies usually as to 468×60, 120×600, and 125×125. The locations for an ad are commonly on the header or at the sidebar. They have more visibility there and advertisers favor that.

Further, it is important to know what your client wants and how are you going to satisfy that. You must be able to adopt with changes easily to accommodate more forms of advertisements.

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