Using Goody Bags for Business Promotion

Goody bags are one way of building up your business through free sampling. Studies showed that everybody loves to try products for free and goody bags are one of the best ways to see how people would react to your samples.

Goody bags, otherwise known as swag bags, are little treats that were usually being given away to people after attending an event.

It’s a business promotion that is subtly giving people the distinction that the products they received are the best in the market and serve as a powerful tool in building the mindset of people to buy it.

When you’re a businessman or a company trying to promote a product and wanted to know what people think, then you should try to use goody bags or swag bags to get as much information you need to know.

The question now is: How to use goody bags for business promotion?

First, you should know what you are promoting. When you are packing the treats or products that are included in one bag, you should try to highlight the “Star”.

Sometimes, in one goody bad, there are a lot of products that is included that usually disorient people on what to try first. The best way to pack a goody bag is by putting the most lush or most expensive product at the center of the package, and then everything else goes on the side. This business psychology is one of the best ways to promote a product since it gives the distinction to the people that it is the “Star”.

Second, make sure that you partner the products inside accordingly. Most of the vendors are mistaken by combining the same types of products in one goody bag. For example, lipsticks and a makeup is the “right way” but lipsticks and a lip-gloss is the ‘wrong way”. Also, remember that putting your company logo or brand name to raise more awareness about the product.

Third, make sure that your repeat putting the name or logo of the company on the bag. In advertising, repetition is one good way to make people remember who you are. This way, when people see the bag that other people are carrying, they can respond by telling them where to find it.

If you haven’t noticed, companies’ logo in bags, shirts, and other apparels are one form of advertising. This reminds people that the particular logo is from that particular company and subtly urging them to buy the product they like.

Fourth, try to sponsor an event or organize a party. This is usually the work of the company promotions department. This works by asking other companies and people to join the event to ease out the burden of the costs.

Then try to invite as many popular people as you can. Media, celebrities, and influential people are the most commonly seen in these kinds of parties. This way, ordinary people would want to see what’s in the goody bag and then try it for themselves.

Fifth, add up on the goody bag content. This way, people will not be disappointed that they only got one makeup. Make sure that they will dwell on the inside contents while focusing on the “Star” product. However, don’t make it too heavy for people to carry.

Sixth, provide promotion girls. Make sure that these girls are attractive and are suited well depending on the event. Consumers usually envy pretty people they see. And when they see this girls, they will surely want to buy what they are wearing or using.


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