Starting a Resort Business

It may seem fascinating how novices start a resort business. Still, various factors are involved, and managing hotels with the best attractions needed for transforming the premises into resorts is a hard nut to crack. But this monstrous task doesn?t limit you if you have the zeal to work at a profit-making and entertaining plan.

The resort business in which you offer enjoyable moments to visitors makes you feel that something worth noticing happens. Vacationers enjoy momentous moments. The charm they feel also rewards you with genuine monetary gain instead of your persistent efforts to make such places heavenly.

Business planners often advise people willing to start a resort business to have a place with the best facilities that don’t miss out on any minute detail. Resorts with the best attractions augur prospective holidaymakers. You can’t, therefore, forget stiff competition in the presence of countless resorts. The best and most specialized arrangements must be made to surpass the competitors. Your resort must have the necessary tourist services for entertaining them. Healing options like massages and aromatherapy are to be arranged at the resort.

Where and How to Begin?

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you would have to plan the proposed resort business well. Usually, many aspiring resort business owners feel hallucinated about the service and choice of technique used. They also get confused and can’t decide where a business should be launched. Systematic business planning and a focused approach to the target group are vital factors in making the resort business successful.

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Select Business Site

You may prefer formulating a plan that had been decided upon in your business strategy earlier. Selecting a resort site is a major focus of the entire business strategy. Try to procure a larger area that accompanies beaches and lakes near the ocean. If you successfully have a site of such kind, you are lucky. The next step is to decorate the place and transform it into an excellent resort where you can think of doing profit-making business.

Set Target: When there is a proper target for benefit, your resort business plan achieves reasonable success too. Ensure that people involved in making your resort successful are made aware of business plans and they are at home to maintain it as coworkers. Business plans are deriving forces that attract customers. Ideas and research should be brought into a structured format to achieve success in the resort business. Buy or lease property in a selected destination. Work closely with estate developers and ensure that no legal violation has happened in resort development.

Promotion: Your resort business must seek people's attention from all places. It should have extensive advertisement through different means. Establish themes because specifications popularize resort business. Knowledgeable staff should be hired for promotion. You also require dedicated accountants, reservation agents, cooks, servers, and mechanics. Your resort looks charming, with pools, golf courses, tennis courts, and berths for yachts. When you establish the resort with enchanting amusement parks, the possibilities of attracting holidaymakers become twofold. These arrangements make resort businesses high performing.

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  • aldrin said on July 5, 2010
    Hi! I am from the Philippines. We are making a business plan. The place we chose is pundaquit, Zambales Philippines. may I ask how much do we need to start a mid-size resort(with just simple amenities)?
  • SANTHOSH KUMAR K P said on July 11, 2010
    i want to start a farm resort at karnataka in india. i have all the ideas for the above i want finance help for it. finance help i need in the way of capital investment and i required one crore rupee (two lakh dollars only )i am locking for 1 to 10 partners for the above project. mob 9387431892
  • Rakesh Nambiar said on August 2, 2010
    Planing to start a Small resort Business in Muzhapilangad Beach Side, Kannur District, Kerala India. Searching for good Partners. Small Scale Business Only.
  • ameena said on August 27, 2010
    we are from Tamil nadu , india. I want to know detailed study to start a resort business, and the financial supports from banks for resorts...
  • Carlo Norman said on August 31, 2010
    Hi there, this is carlo from Vanuatu islands, I have a perfect spot located on the coast of an island(called Nguna), I'd like somebody help me build a me if your interested at or phone +6785654624 Thanks
  • Varun S. Mundra said on October 6, 2010
    Hi! there, this is Varun from Mumbai, India. My company is coming with a Resort just an hour from MUmbai. We are introducing a new concept for the 1st time in Mumbai. the project is spread about 57acres. Layout has been worked out, all are planning are in need of finance.. Anyone interested in the project contact me on Contact- +919930924202
  • Peter said on October 9, 2010
    I am a Brit, have invested in 2 ventures in India, one near Kanha and the other one down south kovalam. I may be interested in working with dedicated partners in India and am willing to invest if you have a clear business plan. Not interested in working with agents. Revert if interested, P,
  • Ashok Kumar Singh said on December 3, 2010
    Hi My self want to start a Resort at Bodh Gaya, I have require land and a little bit finance too. But to enter into the venture I want to know the formalities and procedures & legal clearances required in setting up new venture. How to get educate funds also. My Phone no is 9470001775. I am not adverse in having partners in the venture.
  • umesh nikam said on December 11, 2010
    hi,i am umesh nikam. i want to start a jungle resort at kanha in madhya pradesh. hence i want to know the legal formalities and clearances required to start my own resort.i also want to know the finance options that are available at different phases.i am trying to attract the investors as well as the financiers. let me know if any. my contact number is 09423063988 and my e mail id is
  • Nigish Mohan said on December 21, 2010
    Hi, Myself Nigish from Kerala, I have a plot which is lake frontage (Ashtamudi Lake) in Kollam. I am looking for good partners who can invest money for the construction of building(heritage type - small scale). For the last five years I was working in Hospitality Industry and been worked in major chains of resorts in India. Presently I am working in a resort in Dubai as Front Office Manager (Sales & Reservation specialization).So the interested investors are mostly welcome. Please feel free to contact me for any further information that you may require. Nigish Mohan, 00971501629533,
  • Gregg Jones said on January 1, 2011
    Hi I am Gregg from the Philippines. I have a location in Lianga Surigao del Sur which I plan to develop into a Resort/Hotel. I am currently looking for interested investors-partners. If you are interested please feel free to contact me: 09158781147/ Looking forward to doing business with you.
  • GIBIJOHNY said on January 10, 2011
    Myself Giby Johny from Kerala,India plans to take small or medium size holiday resort Ernakulam or Trichur district on lease basis.I am quite experienced and have good contacts with house boat services,recreation services,hotels,ayurveda centres etc in KERALA.Funds yet to generate fully .My email id....
  • Don Asquith said on January 21, 2011
    We have a small hotel-bar-restaurant in Playa Grande Costa Rica. We have energy and talent and a large existing improved real property, but need some investment capital to set things up right. We lack a swimming pool and small time improvements. Our property value estimated at 500,000- We want a 100-150,000- investor as a percentage partner.
  • tena said on January 24, 2011
    Hi , What legal documents and formalities do we need to secure while starting a resort near a beach say in maharashtra . are there different regulations for beach and non-beach resorts . Regards
  • Jiji said on January 28, 2011
    If any one interested to buy resort in Wyanad Kerala let me know. For details contact . Its located in mid of coffee plantations. Govt Approved.
  • jibi said on March 8, 2011
    I am interested in your Wyanad project. contact me.
  • mitch said on March 16, 2011
    Hi! I am from Coron, Palawan, Philippines. We're planning to start a small business resort, our target market are foreign tourist, local tourist and resident of our place. we are looking for a business partners for this business. Likewise I want to seek advice for additional information on business planning, and the estimated budget to start our business. Resort is the top business here in Coron, Palawan, Philippines because of its tourist attraction(Search on the web). Interested resources, or business investor you can mail me at
  • Sarma Vanka said on March 22, 2011
    Hi..! i am Sarma from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. I would like to start resorts business... for that i need the information like what are the requirements for starting resorts business... capital, area required etc., etc.the full picture. You can mail me at:
  • SUNIL NAIK said on April 12, 2011
    Hey guys wanted to start a small resort in kerala but have been hearing that to start a resort in kerala is difficult coz the political parties create a lot off problems is it true ? please let me know , thanks .
  • Anquin C. Cooper said on April 20, 2011
    Good Day To All, I am Anquin Cooper from Nassau, Bahamas, I am the CEO of Moount Pleasant Fishing Resort ( located in Cargill Creek, Bahamas. It is a beautiful location in Andros and we are currently looking for an investor help us to get this location to the level it should be at (in terms of infrastructure). Please feel free to contact me at Kindest Regards, Anquin
  • Mr Marea Itaia said on May 6, 2011
    Hi, starting a resort business is a good and impressive for those who have enough capital to start with. I am willing to work with any foreign investor since there is a future plan in my country Kiribati to start with this sort business in some outer islands. No one has started this business in Kiribati. "First come first served." Please let me know.
  • Justin Nelson said on May 11, 2011
    Hello there, my name is Justin , I'm from Bella Coola, BC Canada . I want to build and run a resort on my ancestral territory, I have land rights and resource to build, but I don't have the knowledge of how to run a resort. I'm currently applying to an entrepreneur program on how to run a business. It would be great to get advice on how someone runs a resort business? thank you kindly for taking time to read! Justino Bambino!
  • shibukrishnan said on May 14, 2011
    Hi I am shibu krishnan doing property consultancy business in kerala. I have running resort and ideal land for sale in kerala (kumarakam, kumaly munnar) any body want buy the resorts or land in kerala please contact. Mobile: +91 9847 990 554.
  • yogendra singh toamar said on May 17, 2011
    i want to start a farm resort at dehradun in uttarakhand in india. i have all the ... I have a location at chakrata road, 25 KM far from clock tower which I plan to develop into a Resort/Hotel. ... Our property area 15 Acre and value estimated at20 crore - i want a investor ...
  • Poulose M.P said on May 23, 2011
    Sir, I wish to start a resort at wayanad district in Kerala. Please let me know the formalities and requirements.
  • Vitrag shah said on May 25, 2011
    I am going to start a resort @ BORDI. I have a great beach location like Goa. But i want to get knowledge about legal procedure to open like resort. Like which licenses are require for resort. I want to start big resort which include swimming, restaurant & bar, gym, gaming area, para-gliding, beach tour. So please guide me which licenses i require for this all.
  • Areesh ismail said on May 28, 2011
    I have an idea to start a resort in maldives, which include swimming, restaurant & bar, spa and many more. i can say maldives is the best place now to make resort business. if any one interest to start a business please contact my e mail address is thank you
  • ABHILEKH SRIVASTAVA said on May 31, 2011
    Hello Friends, I am a person with big dreams and small money....I want to start my own resort in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, it is an outstanding place for peace and nature lovers....but my problem is that I have very small capital in my Basically I am looking for a partner who is seriously interested and can help me financially can email me or
  • sanjeev mohil beginner adviser said on June 3, 2011
    Hi, My name is Sanjeev Mohil and I am from beautiful state of India called Himachal pradesh. We have beautiful places ,beautiful hills, lakes, water falls and in my knowledge two hotels are for sale. one is In Shimla the capital of Himachal and other one is in distt. sirmour, Jamta. i know about grand view hotel in Jamta is 100 % occupancy and fully centrally heating and cooling hotel with all the facilities. If somebody wants to make new one then should get land and ideas from me and make a new hotel. my e mail address is

  • otto said on June 14, 2011
    Goodday investors,we have a beautiful place meant for tourist attraction in the city center,with a range of water floods,lake and reservoir,with its formal playground and excellent view for resort we have turned it into a recreation and social party events for local entertainer,for the vision and future plans we planned to build a leading lodge in the center of town,we need a serious partner or investor to build and change the future of the beautiful tourist attraction unit,for any inquiry,don't hesitate to contact +264814778704 or forward your email and contact details to receive full view or site and property.
  • bheemanaidu m d said on June 18, 2011
    we are running chain of resort and hotel we are interested in lease any beach resort in kerala
  • Juby Sebastian said on June 19, 2011
    The project consists of App. 12 Acre prime land with clear title at prime location of back water KUTTANAD area on the banks of famous River Pampa at Alleppey, Kerala - In God’s own Country - the main land of tourism streamline in Inda. The Land is most suitable for both land/ water tourism, like home stay projects, house boating, speed boating, 5 star hotels, amusement parks, beach resorts, pool cottages, housing for package tours and for summer villas etc. seeking genuine parties.
  • Hesta Baker said on June 21, 2011
    I have 30 acres of land that is located amongst hills and valleys in an area of Liberia, West Africa called Mount Coffee. I am interested in talking to potential investors interested in building a golf resort, man-made lake, spa, and hotel in Liberia. Please contact me if you are interested at +231880400990 or email me at
  • prateesh said on June 22, 2011
    hi Mr Bheema Naidu, There is a resort for lease. 15 roms property in kovalam which in an international tourist destination in kerala. Pls contact in my mail id for more details directly.
  • Monique said on July 16, 2011
    I would like to start a small resort in Eleuthera, Bahamas do you have any investors who are willing to be a partner I own five acres of land on which we will build.
  • Ajo Thoppil said on July 17, 2011
    I am Ajo,very young man who has 7 years of 5 star hotel experience is seeking an opportunity to run own resort in Kerala, Idukki District. I have people and facilities to run it but my budget is out of hand so i would prefer to take any hotels or resort in said areas for lease. Agreement should be in 60:40%. I am also interested to take the contract for a pre-opening project for it's completion a consultant. Those who interested to join with me, please contact in your convenient time on my +971508042695 Number or e-mail to For my profile visit facebook, Ajo Thoppil
  • omar santos said on July 18, 2011
    hi there, i am omar from the philippines. i have a hefty chunk of beachfront property in bolinao, pangasinan. a very beautiful paradise-like place. i am looking for a company or a group who is interested in developing my place into a premier resort. my #s are +639281761320 and +639081310186. call me now :=)
  • jacobs said on July 18, 2011
    i wish to give my 1 acre land for construct resort on lease base, if any good investors interesting in this idea..kindly contact with me
  • mrs.sheela madan guru said on July 23, 2011
    i would like to know procedure to open resort in khed of maharastra india. i have 22 acres land 20 km. away from khed st bus stand.
  • chander pal said on July 26, 2011
    we need a resort of 2/3 star on lease basis in jimcorbet site
  • saranvasudev said on July 29, 2011
    looking for a good resort , hotel , restaurant for lease in places like coorg, munnar,kovalam, wayanad, ideas welcome
  • jacobs said on July 29, 2011
  • jacobs said on July 29, 2011
    if any one interested to know more details about this project.please mail to my id with mob no;
  • Sherjang Chauhan said on August 2, 2011
    I have a Homestay unit just like a small resort, at Rajgarh Himachal in the lap of sub himalyan range. The place is very beautiful so i want to develop it as a Tourist Resort. Can anybody tell me, how can i convert my dreams into practical? Rajgarh, Distt. Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh India.
  • Harbir Sawhney said on August 5, 2011
    We have 10 acre of land at a great location. We have completed all formalities (including architecture design) for starting construction. We are looking for INR 3 Cr (US$ 500,000) funding for construction and plant & Machinery. Business plan shows 30% plus ROI
  • Philip C Sharma beginner adviser said on August 6, 2011
    I am into an Hospitality consultancy business and also been around in the industry for 29 years now. Have done some projects on restaurants, fast foods and hotels. Would be interested in new projects. I am located in Mumbai. I can be contacted on email and 989 2121 845.

    Ph: +91-9892121845

  • joice aby said on August 8, 2011
    Hi, I am joice from edathua (Alleppey Dist)I have a one acre plot which is water frontage in edathua(kuttanad)I would like to start a small resort business in our plot. I am interested to know about the legal formalities,procedures& capital investment
  • Avi said on August 14, 2011
    Looking for serious business partners for a small project in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh. Investment to the tune of INR 15 lacs. Please respond if you are serious in investing in Madhya Pradesh.
  • sandeep said on August 23, 2011
    hi Avi, Pls mail me the details of the project...can work together..
  • R.Khemka said on September 2, 2011
    We are interested in acquiring land and starting a luxury resort in the himalayas( himachal pradesh, uttranchal ). Looking for a person conversant with land acquisition laws of these states and who can help us get good land at great location for a resort.
  • biju said on September 2, 2011
    Dear Sir, I am planning to start a resort in my own water front plot, Located in kayamkulam, puthuppalli, govindamuttam. So that I am inviting some consultants to make the proposal for the construction design. Pls. contact Mr. Ramachandran, (Mob: 0091 9400831416) (Mail
  • Dr.C.M.Senthilkumar said on September 2, 2011
    Hello, I'm Dr.C.M.Senthilkumar .I'm going to start a health resort in my coconut farm land of 4.5 acres at coimbatore near kerala border, kindly give details about Govt. norms& legal formalities & clearances. Those who are interested in joining us can contact us thr' 09843498900,
  • Susan jallet said on September 8, 2011
    hELLO, Am Jallet from Uganda, I want to start up a mid- Size Resort at the shores of Lake Victoria. I want some help and Ideas on how to start and to have some consultant and how much capital I would Require to start up that small resort. Please be of help and contact me on +256-712897369 and or
  • Salih said on September 11, 2011
    Hi, We have a beautiful land in Wayanad hill station (kerala) and we have been in Ayurvedic business in last 60 years. We need some help to create a business plan for luxury resort in Wayanad. I would like to know the procedures to start with
  • Sunilkumar said on September 13, 2011
    Hi, my name is Sunilkumar i am planning of starting a resort in small scale, can anybody please advise me the procedures behind getting the permission from Govt. of Karnataka and the procedure behind. Your advises are warm welcome. my mail ID is
  • EDWIN.B said on September 19, 2011
    Hi,i have a beautiful land(25 Acre Terrain area) with rich in natures gifts,located near Tamilnadu kerala boarder(In Tamilnadu). Planing to set up farm tourism and for that one third of the land is planted.(spices and fruit trees). Land scape is going on, serious investors can contact.
  • Rajesh Singh Bisht said on September 22, 2011
    i am planning to open resort in kausani, district almora, state-uttaranchal india. Please give me suggestions.
  • Laverne Lockhart said on September 23, 2011
    Hi, My family has a beautiful Island, we call them "Cays" in Exuma Islands of the Bahamas. With very large beach (Coakley Cay) Planning to start resort Fractional just to begin, interested in partner from India, I have a great friend and business partner Ravi Baktta who lives and builds in the Bahamas. Serious investors can contact. This project is in Billions of Dollar range.
  • Dilip S.R. said on September 28, 2011
    hi i want to start a resort in maharashtra hill station please suggest the processes.
  • Yoopee said on September 29, 2011
    Hi, I have a business plan for small type herbal therapy resort in Mid-west part of Nepal. I ve been working as Marketing & Sales Director in a Business Travel Management company in Tokyo, Japan.I am looking for Strong Capital Investment company or investor for to start small type Resort in Nepal. Serious investor can contact me
  • gogi lal said on September 30, 2011
    I have a 450 square yard villa located at Joshimath on the route to Auli.Strategically located with 5 rooms and a glass gazibo.Want to run it as a health resort.Anyone wants to be a partner.please contact.
  • Ani said on October 9, 2011
    sir, i am planning to start a small(holiday/tourist) cottage business in sultan bathary, Kerala wayanad hills.....i have 23 cents..... i would like to know the formalities to start the business......all suggestions are a most welcome regards Anitabh
  • zai said on October 11, 2011
    hi, i have 1.5 acre land opp tiger cave mahabalipuram near chennai india ,wish to develop hut kind village resort please suggest me budget plan ,project to start.
  • Pradip Bhattacharjee said on October 11, 2011
    Dear Rajesh Singh Bist: I have a similar plan for opening up a resort in Uttarakhand - though in Mukteshwar, near nainital, have done all the ground work required and construction has began. I am looking for like-minded people for partnership. You can write to me at if you are interested
  • Hassan Saeed said on October 17, 2011
    Hello, I am a Maldivian and if any one would like to buy land property from Maldives please contact me.
  • RAKESH said on October 17, 2011
    i'm planning to start a resort in ECR chennai near beach shore.. tel me what are all the document required to start the business. email:
  • Surendran M said on October 21, 2011
    Dear Mr. Nagish Mohan, I would like to know more about your project. Does this property have road access?. How much money is required to develop the same? What will be the security/guarantee for the investor? When and how this money will be repaid?
  • Sandeep Chulani said on October 25, 2011
    I already have a resort called as saminaka agro base and holiday resort in kaduna, nigeria. its in operation since 2009 but the results are very poor and was run by some staff but i want to take it up in my hands and run it myself can someone help me out.
  • Amit Thakkar said on October 30, 2011
    I am planning to start a wild life resort in Gujarat India, Please guide me about the legal formalities to follow and permission to take from government etc....
  • Mrs. Snehal Soni said on November 14, 2011
    Dear Sandeep Chulani.... I am Mrs. Snehal Soni. i have experience of handling the whole hotel with all the amenities. I would like to join with you for upgrading your holiday resort. My experience on work will provide you 1000% success. Please write me immediately. my mail id is and cell no. is 09714966557
  • subash stephen said on November 17, 2011
    i have 5 acres of land in Sakleshpur,hassan dist,karnataka, have a plan of build a resort, and my dream is to build a stoneage kind stay facility, if anyone interested to join me plz contact me. we will join and make it better. thanks, subash
  • bal krishna aryal said on November 19, 2011
    Hi, i have a plan to make a unique resort in nepal, are is in lumbini zone birth place of lord buddha and if any one interested than please contact on Thank you.
  • MANISH PANDEY said on November 21, 2011
    hi ,i have a concept of developing eco-tourism camps and resort near corbet national park ,so looking for partners who have a concept for eco tourism development ,i am a hotel manager and now wants to start my own revert if interested
  • Seyha said on November 26, 2011
    Hi, I am from Cambodia, I have 1.5 acre of land where serounded by mountain, just around 40mn from the city! I wanna develop a resort and looking partner! Please contact me
  • Pradeep Ashwin Pinto said on November 30, 2011
    Hi, I have a plan to set up a resort at a sea facing area about 5 acres of land. kindly give me details about Govt. norms & legal formalities with clearances, about various government subsidies, approval procedure from tourism department, grants from costal development authority mangalore karnataka.
  • mr.Nagabhushan said on December 5, 2011
    I am interesting in establish resort business,but searching honest and well experience person to start a business for further details mail to my email
  • Mussadif Modak said on December 13, 2011
    we are having our own resort in kolhapur & we are looking for resorts on rental basis in india for long tenure. or if anyone is interested in affiliating his/her resort... kindly let us know -
  • pavan sharma said on December 14, 2011
    i want to start a resort in Gwalior m.p location near airport i have no idea i want a working partner for that business any one interested pls contact me i'm ready for this business just now
  • nature craft said on December 23, 2011
    Hi, I have a plan to set up a resort at a lake facing area in pune near warasgaon damn kindly give me details about Govt. norms & legal formalities with clearances, about various government subsidies, approval procedure from tourism department, grants and any new ideas from your end.
  • ashik said on December 28, 2011
    i want to buy some land near wayanad to construct a resort. what are the formalities to buy the land and any special permission required to start a resort in wayanad what financial assistance you get to start a resort
  • Edward Sajith said on January 2, 2012
    I am interested in starting a family resort in India, at Kerala in Wayanad district. Pls let me know the requirements and legal formalities required for it.
  • arun goyal said on January 5, 2012
    for starting the resort business, what is the subsidy benefit given by central govt.and in which state we get maximum subsidy
  • CLINT JAMES said on January 9, 2012
    my names is clint i like to start a small resort in my home place WAYANAD, KERALA, INDIA. i like to know the financial help from the banks and project plan
  • Sarat Chetri said on January 12, 2012
  • Hari Bhattarai said on January 12, 2012
    I have a large arcades of land in Sindhuli, Nepal with 6m wide road connect to Japanese technology highway road that is useful to international standard resort business. But now I have no money to build the structure, so I am going to sell it to concerned interest party or individual. If anyone is interested may contact me through via mail
  • Bejoy said on January 13, 2012
    I am looking for an investor to open a resort/ naturopath hospital at Wayanad near manadavadi on profit sharing basis. How ever we are opening a rehabilitation center next to the proposed resort site. Please contact on 9008097372 or by mail in
  • nirmalaober said on January 15, 2012
    i wish any one who have interest to rent or lease a place in germany near the sea side to make spa or indian kerala bombay massage center or resort in indian way . i am an indian settled in germany. pls contact me if any one can be my partner. i can be the working partner and get done all the legal aspects .
  • madanagopal.s said on January 16, 2012
    Hi, i am madanagopal. i have more than 5 acres of land in ooty just 6 kms away from the town. i am interested in starting a resort-willing to take in partners on joint venture basis.
  • Flavia said on January 29, 2012
    I have property in East Hera and Bacau which is right on the beach side. Can you please advise everything I need to know financial and legalities included to start up my own resort the moment I have just started studying Hotel Management
  • Ar.Sachin shetty said on February 6, 2012
    hi all, i am an architect who is interested in designing resorts. i have more than 12 years experience in design(architectural and interior works) of the hospitality sector.if any one needs advice,consultation do contact at or call 9844040660
  • graj said on February 6, 2012
    hi, I am having an experience in lodge as i am residing in SRINGERI an historical and also pilgrim place of sharada temple by SHANKARACHARYA and even now I am running GUPTA LODGE. As I am having about 10 acres of land very near[2 kilometers] to town and also high way [mangalore~shollapur]. so i want to start a resort Can you please advise everything i need to know about financial and legalities include to start my own resort.
  • Alok said on February 7, 2012
    HI, We are Bangalore based Group we have a Land of 7 acres(or more) to develop as a resort near Nandi Hills, Bangalore. We are interested in part buy/ part rent or part buy/ part revenue share basis. Interested people can mail at
  • Rajiv Jain said on February 8, 2012
    Hi, We have land for resort in Bhimtal ,near nainital, Uttarakhand, lake facing/east facing plot, approach road from 2 sides/main Bhimtal Haldwani Raod. If anybody interested please contact us on mail
  • sheenson said on February 17, 2012
  • Dejy Paulose said on February 21, 2012
    Hi We have 2 Acre land in a beautiful hillock in kerala, India. We are professionals in building construction Industry and looking for associations with resort owners to run as a chain of resorts in India.
  • chengappa said on February 29, 2012
    looking for partners to create an adventure and wellness center in our 4 acre land in coorg, long - term profit sharing basis, If interested drop a line on
  • sanjay khemka said on March 2, 2012
    i want to start my own business .like Hotel in lease or resort. but I have no finance . any party who invest money for this project mail me
  • APURBA DE said on March 3, 2012
    Hi I have in my hand a land in Digha in West bengal, India. it is a major tourist spot of west bengal. And after a year or so it is going to be made like goa. so there are lots of hotel Projects going on. I also want to make a resort. it will give very good returns. So, if any one is interested in investing an amount of Rs. 2 Cr. INR for this project, kindly mail me at or can call me at 91 9433371213/ 91 9477375443.kindly respond ASAP coz there is very limited land left coz all are sold for making hotels. Thanks
  • popoy gonzales said on March 6, 2012
    Were planning to have a resort in puerto princesa or in el nido palawan philippines. How much money we will need?
  • Rohit Seth said on March 8, 2012
    Please advice / guide us on what all clearance and taxes one need to apply for to open a 9 room cottage in Manali Himchal Pradesh. Please mail your contact details to Thanx


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