Advertising a Business Using Billboards

Advertising a business using billboards is one of the best ways in capturing the attention of consumers if done correctly. According to communication experts, before a business can use billboards, it should consider if the advertising tool is ideal to its product or service, the best location for this, and the estimate cost for this marketing and advertising campaign.

Despite the popularity of the online communication tool, traditional media such as billboards are still effective in advertising and marketing strategies for introducing and promoting a business, product, or service to consumers.

According to communication experts, billboards and other forms of print media are still effective if correctly used as a marketing tool especially for small-scale businesses and people with limited budget for advertising. On the other hand, this tool can also be a big waste of money for those who have no idea on how to use this.

To make advertising billboards work, these are some of the tips by experts:

Know if this is ideal for a business

Usually, businesses which offer a product or service that is needed or wanted by average consumers are most likely to benefit in the advertising power of billboards. However, companies that target a niche market (e.g. vegetarian eaters and sports enthusiasts) may not feel any significant impact for using this advertising tool.

Know the right location

Just like in any form of advertising, billboards should be placed in an area where many people (ideally the business’s target-consumers) can see the message these ads convey.

The best place to install a billboard is in a crowded intersection of a city; however, such location usually involves paying high rent fees—which may not be appealing to some small business owners.

But still, small-scale companies have resolved this problem by placing their billboards in their houses or apartments’ outside wall or window to allow passersby to see what product or service they are offering.

Estimate the cost

This is one of the most important considerations in advertising a business with the use of billboards. By knowing how much money they are willing to spend, entrepreneurs will be able to know the billboard’s location, the material which will be used, and the rent for displaying this advertising tool.

Know the billboard’s design

The most effective billboards use a limited number of words (however, make sure the company’s name is included) and more graphics. The message it conveys (either in text or picture) should also be easily understandable, humorous, and appealing to most consumers.

Know what type of paints and materials to be used

After knowing the design, the next step is determining what paints and materials which must be used that will allow a billboard to last long even in extreme environment, constant raining, high humidity, and cold temperatures.

Today, most billboards are printed digitally on a vinyl which last longer compared to paint and paper which was used decades ago.

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