How to Place an Ad in the Yellow Pages

Using the Yellow Pages (YP) for advertising can be very tricky. Seniority in the ads can put your business on top especially if you have full paged ads. Design your ads effectively and proofread before submission.

The ads will stay on the YP for one year so you have to make it catchy and convincing.

Effective Advertising

Is it possible to advertise using the Yellow Pages? Most business make use of different methods of advertising like brochures, direct mails, flyers, billboards, print ads, and television commercials but it’s rare to place ads in the YP. You’re missing a great opportunity if you don’t place your ads in the Yellow Pages. You need to be aware that there is extreme competition when it comes to advertising in YP but if you know the fundamentals, you can easily get the trick.

The ads on YP are placed from the largest to the smallest. For instance, the full page ads get a lot of attention, and then there are the 3/4 size, and many others. Why don’t you get your phone book now and check out the section for restaurants. Most of the advertisements in this section are full paged and the longest. To compete with other restaurants, you have to maintain a full page ad or else you will be on the last. The ads are usually seniority based so the very first time you put an ad on the YP, make it a full page.

Other Matters to Consider

It doesn’t really matter whether your ad is b&w or colored. Besides, the colored ads are more expensive so you might want to consider the cheaper alternative. For your headline, you should be able to reveal the benefits that customers will get from buying your product. In a short by catchy headline, tell potential clients about your length in the industry, the associations that you belong, and why you have a competitive edge. With an YP ad, your ads are open 24/7. Most of the customers using YP are ready to buy. You can easily reach your target market.

Once you place an ad on YP, it will remain the same for one year. Make sure that you proofread the headlines and other contents because one mistake can cost you a lot. For instance, if you misspelled a word, it will stay on the YP for a year and the only way to correct it is when the ads are renewed the following year. Prepare for the ad that you want to put in the Yellow Pages. Make sure that it’s the best one and can generate immediate attention. Soon, you will see considerable improvement in your sales. A one –time investment on the YP ad can last for a year! This is a cost effective alternative for advertising your business. Do it now.


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