How to Advertise on Billboards

Billboard advertisement can be considered to equal the effectiveness of television advertisement in creating a strong brand recall. This is the reason that it is rare if not impossible today to see a consumer that has not been exposed to this marketing tool.

If you own a business or a company and wants to know how this form of advertisement works, read on and learn what they are.

It is rare nowadays, even impossible, for a consumer to haven’t experienced being exposed to billboards advertisement. These billboards are all over the city, towering in some height and shouting a company’s message to its consumer. Given this fact, advertising on billboards is considered to be an effective tool in marketing strategy. Billboard advertisement, as been mentioned, delivers the message of the company in short, interesting and creative statements. This is also a good way for the company to cement and make brand recognition strong.

The advantage of advertisement on billboards can be summed up in this simple scenario: a billboard put on the side of a main road can catch thousands of its target audience in repeated manner. This is the reason to the effectiveness of this form of advertisement.

If you are an entrepreneur and pondering about the idea of advertising on billboards, below are some helpful information about this marketing tool:

Is it Worth It

If you are planning to advertise on billboards, first ask the question whether it is worth it. Of course it is worth it. But the issue here is whether you can shell out the first cash outlay for this kind of marketing strategy. Advertising on billboards is considered expensive but effective. With a cornered target audience that can run into thousands every day, it is cost-effective in the long run.

Choose the Billboard Size

There are billboards and there are billboards. This means you have an array of choices to the size of the billboard. It is for you to decide which one is suitable for your company needs. Usually there are three standard billboard sizes and they are: 14 by 48 ft.; 12 by 24 ft.; and 5 by 11 ft. It is expected that with these standard billboard sizes you can get a maximum exposure for your product or service.

Find a Designer

Finding a designer for your billboard advertisement can come in two ways. One is by commissioning an ad agency which will create the design under your own supervision. The second one is through the billboard companies that usually have in-house designers that can create just the right billboard for you.

Proactive Involvement in the Design Process

If you have found the right designer for your billboard, be aware that you still have the last say on whether the designed billboard will meet your company’s needs. If you find that the tentative finish design does not fit your need, you should express this to your designer. Be active in the process.


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