How to Advertise Blog

Blog has been one of the means of earning money, most especially if your blog is well written and can touch the lives of the people. Thus, it is of no wonder that there are already many sites that generally includes blogs.

However, even if you have the most beautiful blog in the globe, it will not be acknowledge and given notice if you have not done any measures to advertise it.

Promoting your blogs as well as advertising them in every way possible can give you several benefits that will definitely make you write more blogs a day. Here are some of the tips on advertising as well as encouraging more people to read your blogs in your website.

Forums and the Link to Your Website

One way of advertising your blog is to join in different bloggers’ portals or forum. Once you have joined them, participate in their forum. Briefly introduce yourself as well as your website containing your blogs. Be very polite and simple when you tell them about your site. Also being brief about your site is important because you do not want to bore them out. Only provide them with essential information and let them explore the rest. That way, they will be more curious about your site. Thus, they will be more interested in reading your blogs. You can do all your advertisement in a section of the forum, most portals or forums have this section. If it will be signature-enabled once you post, then just post your link under your signature. Furthermore, you can also post your signature link on your email. This way, every time you are sending or replying, your receivers will notice and see it.

Importance of Blog Directories and Search Engines

You can also submit to top sites and blog directories. There are several of these directories in the internet. Just use your research skills in finding these sites. Once you have found them, submit to them your websites. If you can submit to all the blog directories that you have found, the better it will be for you and your website. Almost all of these sites are free. On the other hand, you can do public bookmarking. In this case, you will have to submit not your website but your blogs to any of the public bookmarking websites available. Make sure that when you submit your very own contents, it will be on a specific topic if you do not want it to be ignored.

You can also submit the link of your website to the popular and major search engines nowadays. In addition to this, there are some of the sites that offer submission of your website in 20 major search engines with no charge at all.


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