Types of Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies come in different sizes that suit any kind of business. Different types of advertising agencies specialize in a specific type of advertising such as television commercials or print ads.

Thus, before hiring the services of an advertising agency you should know what type of advertising agency can serve you best.

Choosing advertising agency is quite difficult nowadays because there are many advertising agencies sprouting out. If you are looking for advertising agency make sure to make a list of the possible agencies that can satisfy your advertising needs. There are different classifications of advertising agencies according to its size that include full service agencies, creative boutiques, in-house agencies, specialized agencies and media buying services.

  • Full-Service Agencies

    This type of advertising agency handles all the details of the advertising process for the clients. It usually plans, produces, creates and places the advertisement. Likewise, the agency can also help in providing marketing services that include trade shows, sales promotion, newsletter, annual reports and exhibits. This means that this type of advertising agency provide services such as account management, media planning, creative development and production as well as buying and research services.

  • Creative Boutiques

    This advertising agency is responsible in creating the actual advertisements. Apparently, this type of advertising agency creates interesting and imaginative advertising themes. Likewise, they also produce original and innovative advertisements. However, hiring the service of creative boutique would require hiring another advertising agency that can perform the buying, planning and other administrative functions related to advertising.

  • In-house Agencies

    This type of advertising agencies is usually owned by advertisers themselves. This agency and full-service agency has similar functions and organizational structure. In like manner, the owner of in-house agencies can expect for good revenue from the commission obtained from different agencies advertising their work.

  • Specialized Agencies

    Specialized advertising jobs are taken care of by specialized agencies. They cater certain fields that include finance, social advertising, medicine, outdoor advertising and many others. That is why if you need specialized advertising jobs this is the right agency to head on.

  • Media Buying Agencies

    This type of advertising agency is responsible in buying television and radio time. After which they will resell it to other advertising agencies. Once the advertisements are sold they will monitor if it runs in various stations.

The good thing about advertising agency is that it helps in accelerating the economic growth as well as creates public awareness. In like manner, they also help in converting advertiser’s message into an effective communication. That is why if you want your business or company to be recognize then you should hire the services of advertising agency. Make sure to choose the right advertising agency that would suit your advertising needs. Through effective advertising you can expect for good returns in your business.


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