How to Sell Magazine Advertising

There is no secret that the life blood from which a media, such as magazine, sustains its operation is through selling advertisement. Without it, no matter how good the magazine is concerning its content, it will not prosper financially.

Read on and learn how you can sell magazine advertisement.

It is no secret that the blood and money from which a certain kind of media gets its fuel for operation comes from advertising. Let’s try for example television programs. Why a television program succeeds in operation is not just because of its viewers. Usually it is propelled by the funds the program gets from advertising. And this is also the same with other media industry like publications and magazines. Magazines certainly does not rely alone on the number of copies it can sell to sustain its operation. No matter how good a magazine is and how well crafted its articles and other contents are, this is not enough reason for it to boom in the industry. It still needs to sell magazine advertising. If one is in magazine publication and wants to know how to sell magazine advertising, below are some guides one can follow:

Research the Competition

It is important to research the competition one has in the magazine publication. Knowing these competitors plus other details about them, can give the magazine owner an idea what kind advertising that can gravitate towards his own magazines. Knowing also who your competitors are will direct you to the right business strategy on how to sell magazine advertising.

Market Research

The next task one should do to sell magazine advertising is to research the market. From this research one can have a list of possible companies that are willing to advertise on your own magazine. Usually, one can also learn this from the study of your competitors as all of you are vying for the same market.

The Advertising Package

The need for a complete advertising package is your next step in selling magazine advertisement. In this advertising package is the detailed information of your magazine which you will use to give and market to your target advertisers. This usually includes the opening letter of your magazine and the description of the magazine. To convince more potential advertisers to place an advertisement on your magazine, you must also include the number of readers your magazine have, its demographics and the likes.

The Sales Pitch

This is considering your opening script when you contact your potential advertisers either through phone, by person or email. In this sales pitch you need to condense information regarding the important details of your advertising package, the numbers of your readers, kind of magazine and ads specials.


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