How to Become a Writer for a Magazine

Magazine writer in nature is a journalist yet the scope of magazine writer is wide as compared to other journalists working in a newspaper.

If you are interested about the job you must know the ideas on how to become a writer for a magazine.

Many people think that being a magazine writer is a difficult task. This is a misconception because anyone can do the job as long as you have passion in writing. Writing magazine articles can help make sustainable income as long as you can match your ideas according to the style and tone required by the magazine. Likewise, being a magazine writer you should keep in mind that meeting deadlines is very important as well as sending queries and ideas to editors. Above all, you can be a writer for magazine if you can write well.

Steps to Becoming a Magazine Writer

The first thing to consider is to read magazines. This can help you determine the kind of articles published by any magazines. Each magazine has its own voice and slant and it is important to know about it. Before you can start writing make sure to research the writing guidelines set by the publisher. You can find the guidelines on the website of the magazines but you can also make a request. Likewise, you can also obtain magazine guidelines from the “Writer’s Market” that include topics such as magazines seek, pay rate, desired length and rights purchased.

You can start writing small project like 200-word humorous filler in an article. Your write-up will serve as filler to avoid blank space within the magazine in case a regular writer cannot meet the deadline. As soon as you obtain experience in writing for a magazine you can then apply for a full-time position such as a staff writer. Likewise, you can also apply for other positions from other magazine affiliations such as editor-at-large or writer-at-large.

Moreover, you can also be a freelance writer for a magazine. In this option you can have the chance to decide to write only at your preference. You can accept task assignment-to-assignment. The magazine editor is the one who supervise freelance magazine writer by assigning task by piece. Furthermore, this kind of job does not necessarily require educational background. As long as you have the right balance of creativity, desire, drive and skills you can have the chance to become a magazine writer. Always keep in mind that if you do not have the passion on writing and proper understanding on how to become a magazine writer you will not be able to understand how they work. Moreover, if you are confident that you have the above mentioned knowledge and skills then it is about time to start your writing adventure for magazine.

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    I would like to start writing as a freelancer. Do you think you can help me start? I have the energy and the drive. Once you reply then I shall be able to zero on the topics of my choice. thanks


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