What Schooling Do You Need To Become a Nurse

One of the most versatile jobs in any field of professions is nursing. A nurse plays a variety of roles such as in medicine and in public service.

However, to become a nurse is not just so easy due to the fact they have to meet some important requirements.

In a general sense, nurses perform several tasks from helping and supporting surgeons with the use of critical and advanced procedures. So, if you think that you are fit enough to do nurses tasks, why not decide to become a nurse? But before everything else, you must have knowledge about medical and public information. The first thing needed to become a nurse is education. This article has the requirements for you to be a nurse.

What Schooling Do You Need To Become A Nurse: Discover the Answer

First, is the education for licensed practical nurses. For those people who have already completed their undergraduate requirements and have passed all exams for newly grad nursing students, they can easily complete a program for licensed practical nurses. Although they have passed the exams, they still need to be supervised by professional nurses. Their basic job is measuring and monitoring patients. They also assist the healthcare as well as the proper treatment for the patient. In addition to that, they also examine and collect laboratory test examples. Licensed practical nurse training programs help the student as well as the newly grad nurses to enhance their knowledge. With this, they can start their work right after they have completed their training. Once they have complied with the important education, students who graduate of LPN training program can already apply for National Council Licensures Examination.

Next, is the education to become a registered nurse. RN nurses usually perform the tasks of caring the patients, providing the patients’ needs and assisting doctors in medical dealings. They usually specialize in areas in which doctors also deal with ambulatory care, hospice, critical care and surgeons. In the traditional way, students who are wishing to become RN’s can require to have diploma and get a related degree from any nursing training program. They should also complete a four-year nursing course in order to apply for RN.

Third, is education for acquiring diploma or obtaining an Associate of Science in Nursing. This usually takes two to three years before you complete ASN programs. ASN programs are typically offered by community institutions and nursing colleges. According to some sources, diploma programs that are usually managed in hospitals have fallen out due to the exits of degree programs.
Fourth is the BSN or the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. This is taken with four-year programs which are prepared for RN’s for their nursing professions as well as clinical and managerial positions. However, if you have completed BSN, you are still required to take National Council Licensure Examination.

Fifth is the education for Master’s Degree in Nursing. If you are interested to continue your studies in nursing and want to extend their credentials as a nurse, obtaining an MSN is the ideal choice. MSN prepare nurses in order to become nurse educators and practitioners.


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