Starting a Career in Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is a term that is used to refer to energy source that is not sourced out from fossil fuels. The world is also looking for the alternative energy sources in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions. It is through these sources that will help preserve a lot of natural resources and provide a health environment on earth.

If we believe the current changes in our atmosphere is due to the traditional source of energy then, this information will make some sense for you, otherwise it is a waste of time. Environment is changing rapidly and scientists say, we need to find alternatives to our traditional source of energy or else it will be too late to save the earth from climatic catastrophes.

career in alternative energy

Types of Alternative Energy

The most common types of alternative energy sources available include the following:

  1. Wind Power

    It is the wind energy that harnesses the wind power and forces the blades of wind turbines. As per the rotation, it is mainly converted into electrical energy. This does not produce pollution that will contaminate the environment.

  2. Solar Power

    Solar power is an alternative energy source that releases no air or water pollution. This converts solar energy from sun to electrical energy and gets distributed through the transmission grids for public use. The small scale benefits are plenty, could be mostly seen in spas, water tanks and heat pools. On a large scale it runs vehicle, manufacturing plants, powers building and street lights.

  3. Geothermal Energy

    This harnesses the electrical energy from the heat coming from the Earth. This can be implemented in both large and small scales.

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  4. Hydroelectric Energy

    The hydroelectric energy power is mainly sourced out from the potential energy of dam water that drives the generator and turbine. This also harnesses the descent of the river which is compressed from a run directly to the single location with a flume or dam.

  5. Biomass Energy

    Biomass contains energy that can be extracted by burning it. Biomass is the leftover residuals of plants, corns, husks and many more used for producing electricity, bio diesel, liquid fuel.   

How to Get a Job in Renewable Energy

In starting a career in renewable energy, it is necessary learning more about a few things before landing on such a specific job. Below are among those things one has to consider doing;

  • Obtain a Renewable Energy Education: In getting into the field of renewable energy, it is essential obtaining a renewable energy education. This will serve as the passport to landing on a good job someday.

  • Obtain a License in the State: In entering the career field of renewable energy, it is mainly essential obtaining a license in the state. There are specific requirements that are actually presented by the state that must be clearly followed.

  • Hunt for Available Jobs in Engineering on Specific Websites: There are websites from where one can research on alternative energy jobs the easy and fast way possible. From these websites, one could browse through the technology groups and sectors. Even the very basic in the simplest terms could be clearly understood.

    Among those jobs included in the list are as follows; cleaner coal job, bioenergy and biofuel job, carbon capture and storage job, combined heat and power job, electrical energy storage job, electrical distribution and transmission job, fuel cell job, green transport job, geothermal job, hydrogen production job.

Careers in Renewable Energy Engineering

A lot of careers in renewable energy engineering can be applied by those who are interested in it such as technical portfolio manager, renewable energy engineer, casual installation team member, electrical engineer, civil engineer, bids solution manager, senior electrical engineer, senior site electrical engineer, design engineer and more.

Renewable Energy Job Salary

As per the renewable energy job salary, it actually varies by job. In a country such as the United States, the renewable energy positions include energy engineer 71,161 dollars, electrical engineer 78,528 dollars, operations director 109,875 dollars, project engineer 67,500 dollars, senior electrical engineer 100,118 dollars, energy analysts 52,072 dollars and electrical design engineer of 90,500 dollars.

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