How to be a Diamond Broker

Do you wish to help people buy or sell diamonds? That's why you are aiming to become a diamond broker someday.

A diamond broker must be knowledgeable in identifying the quality of diamonds and should assist the buyers or sellers in completing the transaction; therefore, it is vital to learn how to be a diamond broker.

Becoming a Diamond Broker: is it Easy?

Many people in the business of buying and selling diamonds rely on diamond brokers' expertise. Therefore, his main job is to make sure that every transaction is being completed smoothly and correctly. But the job is very sensitive, and it requires a good education and years of training before somebody can be a dependable diamond broker.

One of the main qualities of a professional diamond broker is a deep knowledge of grading diamonds and knowing how to evaluate the true value of the precious stone based on the 4 C’s (Color, Clarity, Cut, & Carat). He or she must also have strong connections with wholesalers, private buyers and sellers, and diamond cutters in the gem industry. Since the diamond broker is dealing with a valuable and very costly stone, integrity and reliability are the other traits that should be developed. If you have decided to be part of the gem industry and be reputable in this profitable career, here are some guidelines for you.

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Ways to be a Diamond Broker

In the first place, it is not easy to become a diamond broker, and this follows a step-by-step process. Just like other brokering jobs, education is very important to acquire enough learning about the profession. Here is a brief outline for those who would like to join the diamond brokering industry.

  • Complete a course in Gemology. A diamond broker should be educated in the jewelry business by completing first a short course in Gemology to learn the basics of analyzing, evaluating, and appraising jewelry using different tools and equipment. This could be very expensive on your part if you really want to be an expert on diamonds by attending the most reputable institutions in Gemology such as Gemological Institute of America or GIA. Acquiring a diploma in Gemology is the first step to becoming a diamond broker, and only respectable schools like GIA are issuing diplomas for the said program.
  • Be Certified. Finishing a course in Gemology is not enough to be eligible for the job. Certified Gemologist is one of the titles that a diamond broker should hold. Other titles are Registered Jeweler and Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA). Of all these titles, CGA is considered the most reputable title in the industry of gemstones. To get this title, the aspirant should have at least five years of experience as a diamond appraiser.
  • Earn experiences. Before you commit yourself to the actual job of diamond brokering, it is important to train yourself and learn the nature of business by joining a brokering company.
  • Be licensed. Once you are ready to handle your own business and you have established a good network, acquire a business license so you can legally conduct your business.

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    Anyone plz help me ... i want to become a diamond broker and right now i am in 12 class .. so guide me that after 12th what i have to do... which course should i adopt and from where In india. Plz r.s.v.p
  • satendra kumar said on June 12, 2015
    hello, i have to say that i want to be a good diamond broker...can u plz help me out....i m very much interested in diamond business....but dont know how to start....
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    I want to be a Diamond Broker, Pls Guide?
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    i want to be a diamond broker. Please help me.india Chandigarh
  • Arif Hussain said on March 1, 2016
    I interested to start a diamond selling business But where was i get the diamond please tell me.
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    Hi, I studied in GIA Graduate Gemologist program and thereafter worked in Loose Diamond Grading and Diamond Jewellery sales in different companies in Mumbai. I am looking for opportunities to work in international markets. If anyone has any opportunities or would like to start Diamond broking/ buying/ selling and needs a Gemologist please contact me.e-mail:
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