How to Become an Aircraft Broker

In general, an aircraft broker is the one who arranges the transactions that occur between the buyer of the aircraft and the seller who owns it.

Being the one who arranges such troublesome and meticulous transactions, the efforts of those in the field of aircraft brokerage that they get a big commission every time a deal has been executed or has taken place successfully between the seller and buyer.

  • Aircraft Broker Training

You must undergo specific training to become an aircraft broker and a "successful" aircraft broker. This is to prepare you for all the challenges that lie ahead of being in this industry. You will not have any problem when it comes to finding aircraft broker training since several training agencies offer such; this is especially true when you search for it on the Internet. Searching for the right training agency is just a click away; you will have to surf the Internet, and it will not even give you a sweat. The only problem is finding the good from the bad ones, in other words, the scams. Thus, you must be meticulous with their history and background to select a reputable and trusted agency offering aircraft broker training. Investigate first before you join them. Again, you can do this with the help of the Internet. Also, ask some friends who may know about your chosen agency. But the right thing to do is visit the agency first and ask for any legal documents proving their good reputation.

Once you have searched all these training agencies, you will notice that some readily give you their course outline. Most aircraft training agencies offer a course that will keep you busy for a whole day. This full-day training course will generally cover the basics of the aircraft broker. These basics typically include fast-moving, exciting, upbeat, and condensed fashion that will never bore you. Most of these training agencies will also presume that you have a background in aviation, like a pilot or any other kind of business-related profession. The topics include an overview of the industry of aviation sales, profit centers of the broker, ethics, commissions, the step-by-step process, determining the aircraft specifications and values, ascertaining the client's needs, presenting budgets, and more.

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  • Aircraft Broker License

Once you have completed your training, you must get your aircraft broker license. This will, however, depend on whether your state requires you to get one. In addition to this, the requirements for obtaining a broker's license in this field vary from state to state. So you might want to research your state laws about the licensing system of the aircraft brokerage. Do not fret about this since you can easily find the information online.

But most of these states have more or less the exact requirements. For example, if you are from Oklahoma, you can find the state laws concerning aircraft licensing in subchapter two, chapter fifteen of the tax commission, where it states that any dealer of aircraft, whether it be an old or new one, must first obtain an aircraft dealer license. Another requirement for aircraft brokers that most states look for an applicant is a separate license if you set up another business at a different location besides your main office. There is also an application and a fee that must be submitted. A few states also require the applicant to be a bona fide dealer as one of the qualifications to be an aircraft broker. All of these requirements and qualifications must be met for the issuance or renewal of the license.

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  • Mark said on November 28, 2013
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    I'm currently in the aviation field and aircraft detailer in Florida. And is always cleaning planes for someone else to sale. Have had the ambition to sales planes myself. I would like to know the right direction to take to get my dreams started. Quentin M. (Aka) ShineMasterQ. Thanks!
  • Luis B. Nunez said on November 25, 2016
    Hi, I am interested in your aviation broker training course. How many days is the training going to be and how much is the cost. Will the training teach you the process of selling a aircraft from beginning to end. Will it also teach you how to properly lease a aircraft( ACMI,DRY, Wet, Damp etc). Will the training provide you the proper documentation to conduct the transaction? PS Can you please provide the class dates for the following year. Thanks
  • Serati P. Matlotse said on March 13, 2017
    I am based in Gaborone, Botswana and wish to work with a company on a joint venture/partnership to set up office locally. I will be ready to inject required finance capital, but will be looking for a reputable organization with experience in the business. Contact:; Mobile:+267-71304226.
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    Dear sir/madam I am Elisha Tiimob from Ghana West Africa please I am interested to be trained to be an aircraft broker how will the link between the owner of the aircraft and anyone interested in renting one. Thank You.


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