What Does It Take to Become a Taxidermist

Preserving dead animals is referred to as taxidermy. If you are interested about animals then you should consider learning how to become a taxidermist.

This is an interesting job as well as a unique and intriguing career path.

Scope of the Job

If you are interested to become a taxidermist you need to understand the scope of job. Generally, a taxidermist prepares and cleans dead animals separating the body from the skin as well as feathers and scales. Some of the animals that are preserved through taxidermy include bison, bear, birds, dear and tigers. However, there are only some species of birds that can be preserved such as eagles, hawks, marlin and trout. Nevertheless, there are pet owners who want their pets get stuffed so that they display it in their residence. The art of taxidermy uses chemicals in preserving the skin and all the moisture is removed by drying it either in a large kilns or open air.

Training and Skills

Being a taxidermist is a job that can be learned by observation and constant practice. You can also learn the job by being an assistant or apprentice by a professional taxidermist. Nevertheless, you can also attend programs and training courses. This means that becoming a taxidermist requires no formal education. Even a high school diploma will do as long as you have some knowledge and training in anatomy, chemistry, sculpture and preservation techniques. On the other hand, if you want to pursue taxidermy as a profession you should attend accredited taxidermy school. Being a taxidermist can also be a hobby.

Certification and Licenses

In order to become a professional taxidermist you should acquire the necessary certification and licenses. Usually, the criteria and procedures of licensing differ from one state to another. The certification is given by the National taxidermists Association. The good thing about this job is that you can gain points by joining taxidermy competitions. This way you would be eligible to acquire different levels of certifications. The license is applicable to all kinds of wildlife except specific birds that are under federal jurisdiction. In this way, you should obtain federal permit so that you can practice your profession.

A taxidermist is a competitive job in which you can find job in museums, private institutions, commercial taxidermy firms as well as large companies that hires people who are skilled in skinning, tanning and model making. On the other hand, you can also make use of your profession by starting your own business such as taxidermist shop. Indeed, starting a career as a taxidermist is an exciting job that allows assortment of skills. As long as you are determined and hard working you can obtain new insights of creating lifelike animals. Likewise, you should ensure to have good manual dexterity as it is important in sewing, cutting, repairing and painting the work.

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