Becoming a NCIS Agent

Becoming an NCIS agent is not an easy job because of its responsibilities and duties. It is an exciting career that everyone is dreaming of.

It is important to know the factors to make an individual qualify of becoming a Navy Criminal Investigative Service agent.

NCIS Agent Requirements

The main responsibility of NCIS agent is to protect the men and women in the Naval Force as well as its resources through counterintelligence work and criminal investigation. However, becoming a NCIS agent does not necessarily mean that an individual should be in the Navy because civilians can also apply as an agent even without military experience. Being a NCIS agent is a career path for those who want to engage in navy civilian jobs.

Factors to Consider in Becoming A NCIS Agent

Before deciding to join the NCIS team, an individual should know first the duties and responsibilities of NCIS agent. Obviously, the top priority of NCIS agent is to provide protection to the Naval Force from terrorism and crime. That is why the duties of an agent vary from antiterrorism to criminal investigation. Likewise, an agent can also work in different places even in foreign countries. However, a NCIS agent is also given the chance to undertake training in fraud investigation, crime scene investigation, foreign counterintelligence and many others. On the other hand, the educational requirement to become a NCIS agent is not too tough. An applicant should complete a bachelor’s degree and should be at least below 37 years of age, a US citizen and with 20/20 vision.

Before an applicant is admitted in the NCIS team psychological exam, reading comprehension and judgment test should be taken. Likewise, the applicant should pass the drug screening and background screening. It is also important to meet stringent requirements about using any drugs. Once admitted, the applicant will undergo eight hours training every month. New NCIS agent is under the supervision of field training agents. The good thing about being a NCIS agent is that there are opportunities available especially in the technical training courses.

Pros and Cons

Just like any other career paths, a NCIS agent has its plus side and downsides. The pros of this career include good benefits and pay, respectable career, cool badge, travel opportunities and challenging cases. On the contrary, the downside of this career is that being an agent an individual should deal with the lifestyle of military that is frequent transfers from one place to another. Likewise, the career is also affected by the government bureaucracy. The military lifestyle is one of the toughest factors to consider especially by the agent’s family. That is why as soon as you are admitted in the NCIS you should make your family know about the military lifestyle. In this sense, you should watch NCIS TV show so that you will understand very well how it takes to be a NCIS agent.

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