How to Become a Football Agent

Football is certainly one of the most loved sports in many countries. The excitement of the game as well as the endurance of the players is something that keeps the audience enthralled with football. But do you know who helps spot the best football players that you can see? These are none other than the football agents.

This is certainly the best time to know how to become a football agent.

Are you bored with the job that you have now? Do you feel like trying out something that is fun, enjoyable and profitable all at the same time? Then, you would surely love to be a football agent. There is really something rewarding by steering an aspiring football player into a good sporting career, just with the aid of your mobile phone and some nice clothes. Better sack your old boring job and be one of the licensed football agents.

  • First Step: The Application

    The initial thing that you have to do is to visit the website of Football Association at Click “Rules and Regulations” and then jump to “Players’ Agents.” Here, you will see an application form covering two sides of one A4 piece of paper. You can also get your copy of the latest regulations of Fifa regarding their agents as well as your copy of the basic contract of an agent and player which you can utilize if you are already licensed in order for you to have your very first talent signed up.

  • Second Step: The Exam

    After you have filed your application, you must now take the exam which is especially designed to serve as an assessment of the knowledge that you have about the rules of FA and Fifa in general. One good tip for you here is to have some copies of useful handbooks and be familiar with their contents. The exam has 20 questions with multiple choice, 15 questions about international regulations and five which deals with national rules. Fifa says that the marking will be done right after the test was completed so that you will immediately know if you passed or not. If things go wrong, you might still reapply and have another chance and if you fail for the second time, you still have to wait after a year before you can attempt again.

  • The Third Step: The Waiting

    In case that you pass, you have to give some proof that you have no criminal records. This must not be a problem since the police station in your area will be obliged to give this kind of verification under “Subject Access” of Data Protection Act. But since the process will take 40 days, do not get too excited yet.

  • The Finale

    The last step on how to become a football agent is to have your own insurance cover on professional indemnity. This is something which will cover you from compensation claims from players, clubs or agents in case that you will break regulations of Fifa. Sign the code of conduct of Fifa and went for your license and that will be it! You are now a football agent.


  • Gaurav Saini said on April 12, 2013
    I am from India. Do I need to follow the same instructions as mentioned above or there is some other criteria as on country basis? Waiting for your reply. Thanks and Regards.
  • Anil Manohar Ajalkar said on October 10, 2014
    Anil Ajalkar, I am from India and I want to be a football agent in India. I am working in Maharashtra police . I want to know if I follow These instructions mentioned or there is some other criteria as on county basis? I want to your help and sir! I am waiting for your response...
  • RANA BASU said on July 10, 2016
    I intend to become a football agent in India. Is there an age limit??
  • sujeer omer said on June 19, 2017
    I am from India. I want to be a football agent in india. i'm 21 yrs old. I just want to know the criteria for applying player agents examinations. please give me an answer.


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