Magazine Advertising Rates

Magazine advertising is becoming popular nowadays. When you have a business, it is best to consider a means of advertisement that is proven to work.

Magazine prices vary depending on the type of magazine that you wish to advertise in. Be sure that you select the one that targets the market that is perfect for your business.

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Advertising is considered as the backbone for the success of any business. Advertising is done via different means and sources targeting different persons. Advertising is in fact an art which requires several skills and techniques to capture or target a person. ‘Magazine advertising’ is considered as a very major contributor in the advertising world. Magazine advertising is advertising by means of magazines and several other publications. Magazine advertising depends on a number of factors. If you own or work for a magazine, then you should acknowledge these factors. In fact, all the magazines that you see for so much cheap prices in the market are paid well by their advertisers. Advertisers simply ask the magazine publisher to put an advertising image with some text on one of their pages, and they pay the publisher for that. In turn, these payments are used for the payment of wages and other costs of the magazine publisher.

Wide Variety of Magazines

There exist a truly wide variety of magazines in the world. From pet lovers to stock brokers to extremely busy apparel businessman, everyone keeps a bunch of magazines depending on his or her likeliness. Advertisers on the other hand strategically target the best selling magazine. Advertisers research upon the selling quantity of the magazines. Wherever they observe a big amount of sale, they put their ad in the magazine. This helps their business improve and grow faster.

Why Magazines are full of Advertisements?

You must have seen magazines like Vogue or GQ, with lot of advertisements in them. Many other magazines are full with almost 90% advertisement pages. In fact, these magazines are trying to catch the customers of concerned type of field. A civil engineering magazine will have advertisement related to a number of real estate agents, brokers and constructors.

Vogue and GQ

Vogue and GQ are two extremely advanced and up-to-date fashion magazines offering some really cool and fashionable designers to their readers and buyers. These magazines are mainly targeted by those people who have large disposable income to attain the latest fashion trends and jewelry stuff. If you are one of those, you must have seen several pages of Vogue and GQ with a number of magazine advertisements.

Magazine Advertising Rates

Magazine advertising costs vary from one magazine to other. Typical and average-selling magazine advertising rates are around $200 per 10 words of advertisement. These are the rates for the most typical magazine. If you go for really renowned and top-selling magazines, you are required to pay even $10,000 in some cases.

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