How to Market a Business through Traditional Advertising

There are various ways to market a business through traditional advertising. You can use printed media, newspapers, flyers, radio ads, fax or post, cold calling, and other innovative ways of advertising.

As long as you can pull these options off, you will surely be able to attract a lot of potential customers.

Going Back to the Basics

Businesses won’t exist without advertising. In fact, advertising can’t be ignored and it’s already part of the marketing aspects of the business. Today, most businesses are focusing on the internet and the available marketing options there but you can also market a business through traditional advertising. Traditional media still exists and you only have to tap on it to benefit in the long run. Going back to the basics might be able to help you if you don’t have a solid marketing campaign.

First on the list is printed media. There are a variety of ways to promote your business using print media. Small businesses usually uses the commercial phone directory advertise. This method can increase your sales if the potential customers are able to find your service or product in the directory. Another option is to take the ads to the newspapers. If you have a local newspaper, you can use it to your advantage. The pricing for the ads are quite flexible and so you can negotiate for the price of your business ads. If you can run the ads on series, you can get special discounts. A direct approach to reach potential customers is to give away flyers. Restaurants usually use flyers to let people know of their menu and customers can also order by phone. You can use this option if you like.

Hard Tactics

Next on the list is direct marketing. This is an aggressive method wherein you will contact your prospects directly by phone or through fax and post. Cold calling is quite common among businesses and you can also use this technique. However, you need to be prepared for irate customers. There are advantages as well as disadvantages so make sure that you consider each one of them. If you can’t afford the options mentioned earlier, you can always utilize the radio. The ads announced over the radio stations are less costly. You may need to create a nice jingle that can easily catch the attention of listeners. You can also support the local station’s community activities so that you can reach your potential customers quickly.

There are now innovations in the traditional ads. The methods are already tried and tested by hundreds of businesses. However, you can still make some innovations to make it more interesting. For instance, when you hand out the flyers, try to include a chip fork. The customer will simply present the ship fork when making a purchase to avail of the discount. Try these methods now.


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