What is Viral Marketing

Successful businesses usually have one thing in common - they have all successfully used viral marketing which is an advertising strategy that aims to infect a group of influential people until a product or service becomes a popular commodity in the market.

However, this type of marketing strategy may not be easy as every consumer has a different preference and purchasing power.

Viral marketing is a strategy that involves “infecting a group of influential people” who will convey a message to a certain target-market until a product or service becomes a popular commodity in the market.

When conducting viral marketing, one of the most effective media is the Internet which can be used to send email messages to a certain influential group of consumers. However, the messages should be short and straight to the point as online users are known to be impatient when it comes to reading long paragraphs.

Aside from sending email messages, another effective online property is the social networking media such as Facebook and MySpace. In these sites, a business can create its own group account which can “befriend” other users and turn them into organic advertisers as they influence the buying preference of their friends and relatives.

Meanwhile, viral marketing should not only be done on the Internet. According to advertising experts, this strategy should be conducted in the real market.

Give sample products and services

In this way, companies can introduce a product or service to its target-market without having to resort to expensive media campaign. However, this does not mean they can reduce their advertising expenses as providing free sample products and services may also be also costly.

According to experts, giving away free samples usually works to a product or service that has a more impressive quality compared to its rivals. As the saying goes, “the best advertising tool is the product itself.”

Make a product or service accessible

No matter how in demand a certain product is, this may not achieve its maximum sales if this is not easily accessible to the market. This has happened to an ice tea beverage company which failed to foresee that its product will boom significantly that it will topple softdrink giants like Pepsi and Coca-Cola. The demand for this healthier drink has been insurmountable that the company has encountered a problem on how to quench the thirst of its consumers.

Partner with other businesses

In some cases, a company can use the resources of another business by capitalizing on the latter’s popularity. For example, cartoon movie producers always tie up with McDonald’s which provide meals with toys that represent the cartoon characters.

Sell emotion

Communication experts believe that the best marketing and advertising tools sell emotion as these are the most appealing to the consumers. This is the reason why product commercials are usually based on the positive emotions. For example, most commercials that sell diet pills portray that those who used the products have their lives completely changed and became happier.


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