Mascot - A Marketing Tool for a Business

Mascot, which is a cartoon representation, is commonly used in business as it will make it distinct from other companies.

To make this marketing and branding tool effective in this highly-effective market, this crude representation should appeal to the emotion of people and represent the nature of a business.

In this highly-competitive market, a company should use phrases, words, and drawings to represent itself and make it distinct from other businesses. However, advertising experts believe that one of the most effective business representations comes in the form of a mascot.

Before choosing a mascot, these are some of the important things a company should consider:

The mascot should represent the nature of a business

According to experts, a mascot should represent the nature of a business, or its products or services. For example, Energizer battery is represented by rabbit which seems not to get tired of drumming—a clear statement that the battery is longer-lasting compared to other products in the market.

The mascot should appeal to the target-market’s emotion and desire

Ideally, a business mascot should symbolize a positive emotion like happiness, love, and excitement to make it more appealing to customers. For example, Ronald McDonald represents the restaurant-chain as a “happy place” where families, especially with young children, can dine and enjoy its food.

The mascot should be unique

Since a mascot is a crude representation of a company, an entrepreneur should use something which is unique and clearly distinctive so that his target-market will be able to differentiate his business from other competitors.

Aside from this reason, using a mascot that resembles the one used by another company may result to a lawsuit—something which any businessman should try to avoid.

When designing a mascot, consult with professionals

While a businessman can create his own mascot that will serve as a representation of his business, he can also consult with marketing professionals and mascot designers to help him come up with the best representation which can take the attention of his target-market.

After coming up with the right mascot design, the second step is to utilize this marketing and branding tool. To do this, here are the simple tips:

  • For small-scale businesses, a mascot (which may be a man in a costume or effigy) in front of the stores may attract the attention of customers.
  • For medium to large businesses, a mascot can serve as a large-scale marketing tool such as toys, figurines, stickers, apparels, and stickers.
  • Sometimes, a mascot should be changed especially when it does not appeal to customers; and in some cases, even if this is already appealing to people, this must have slight changes to make it more interesting to the market.



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