Local Television Advertising Rates

When you own a business, advertising is a very important aspect. There are many advertising methods that can be used and the local TV ads are one of the best and most cost effective option.

If you want to get more sales, you have to look for a reputed media buyer or freelancer who will offer you a reasonable deal.

Local TV Advertising Costs

Business owners spend a lot of time in determining the ideal advertising methods that they can use to attract more customers. For many years now, successful businesses have benefited from television advertising. If you want to make use of the effective tool, you should know about the prevailing local television advertising rates. The common misconception is that this type of ad is really expensive. When you know the rates in your area, you could use one of the best and most cost-effective alternatives. It is fairly economical and you get to reach a wider market.

You don’t have to spend hundred thousands of dollars on TV commercials. In fact, if you shop around, you will only spend a reasonable amount for a 30-second slot on television. Did you know that it is possible to spend $5 for each commercial that can reach 1,000 customers? Take advantage of cheaper rates offered by small agencies and freelancers. You need to be aware that the cost is affected by several factors like the length of the commercial, the time of airing, cost of production, and the channels. Make sure that you look into fluctuation ratings of television shows and channels before making any decision.

The Options

You need to decide whether you will stick with freelancers or with the media buyers. The former is the ideal choice because they have direct contact or access to small, medium, and large markets. These people know the market conditions and the prevailing rates. You will be charged on an hourly basis. Before you start working with a professional, make sure that you know what you want. Decide on the commercial that you want to produce, its length, the airing time, and other important matters. You have to consider your target market and the time they usually watch TV.

The key to successful TV ads is repetition. No one would know about your business if you simply aired a one-time television ad! The commercial should be repeated several times in a day. There is no specific cost for local TV advertising since it will vary greatly from one business to another. The requirements and budget of every business tend to differ greatly. Shop around before you make a decision. If you can establish connections, the better, so that you can negotiate for lower costs; as long as you know how the television and marketing industry works, this option might work for you. Be sure to air the TV ads regularly for a certain period of time to establish branding.


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