Tips on Television Advertising for Lawyers

Same with other businesses and establishments, professionals offering their services can also make use of media to market and advertise.

Among them are lawyers. Below are tips on how lawyers can effectively advertise on television:

Follow the trend. Check what your competitors in your field are doing. You have to remember that if TV advertising does not work, then chances are high that advertisements will not be running for too long. However, if it does the job, most people take advantage of it. This is true to lawyers. If you see one who has advertisements airing continuously for months, chances are high that lawyer is making money from it! Then, may be if you do the same thing, you could be making money for yourself, too!

Know your target. Your very first aim in television advertising is not just to meet someone who needs you. Your target is to be able to meet someone who needs your services and will surely hire one by just seeing your advertisements. What this typically means is that your target is someone who does not have a lawyer yet or someone who does not know any. This someone usually comes from the working class or whose economic background is lower. With this in mind, you have to let your television advertising to be something that would be appealing to this class.

Target a specific need. This is an exception to the aforementioned rule. If your legal practice meets a specific need at a particular time, chances are high that you will get responses from clients who may already have lawyers or even know some already. The clients, in this case, would assume that you have more capability to do something for them.

Have your legal specialization known on TV. The response from clients is relative to what your specialization is. Other practices receive more responses than others. Corollary to the tip above, know about the needs of your target audience.

Provide benefits to the staff who receives the call. You have to remember that receiving and answering calls from prospective clients may create a lot of work and therefore more stress. Because your staff becomes the front liner to your services, be sure that they do not resent the idea of providing answer to inquiries from prospective clients. You can do this by providing benefits for them. By this, you are assured that they will not sabotage the calls. Moreover, you have to hire someone who can pleasantly deal with your clients on the phone.

Know the rules and play by them. You have to make sure that the person in charge of producing your advertisement knows and complies with the rules in your area. For example, in the state of Texas, the State Bar provides for an Advertising Review Committee who screens and censors all advertisements for lawyers. You have to remember that you are captain of the advertisement. And should it violate anything, you will be liable for it. Besides, it is your name that appears on television.


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