Cable Television Advertising Rate

It’s a given that broadcast television advertising reaches the most people everyday compared to other forms of advertising. The popularity of television, however, has its disadvantage. It makes broadcast television advertising rate very expensive.

If you are a small business owner who is interested in cheaper and more targeted marketing, we recommend cable TV advertising.

Advertising is every business’ tool to keep and attract customers and stay in circulation. There are many forms of advertising and different types of media to carry it all. There’s the print, radio, broadcast television, Internet, and cable television. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. So far, broadcast television is the leading medium for advertisement. It is more powerful, engaging, and persuasive than other types of media. Many people spend more time on TV every day rather than on reading newspaper, hearing radio programs or visiting the Net. Broadcast TV’s popularity and wide reach to viewers, however, has its disadvantage. It makes advertising on broadcast TV way far expensive.

Broadcast TV Advertising vs Cable TV Advertising

The high cost of broadcast TV ad makes advertising on television difficult for smaller businesses. And this is where cable TV advertising comes in. Cable TV advertising rate is at least 50% cheaper than broadcast television advertising. What more, cable TV advertising offers a way to advertise to a niche market. While broadcast TV ad is advantageous to large businesses that want to reach a wide market (and can afford to pay), paying for a large amount to reach a mass of irrelevant customers would not work for a small business. That small business is better off paying a cheaper advertisement to a select market in cable television.

How to Keep Cable TV Ad Rate Low

To start with, make a simple but effective advertisement. You don’t have to hire celebrities as endorsers. If you make a good concept with less glamour, and less location set up, you can just choose a local TV production company to produce your very own straight-to-the-point but smart commercial.

Contact local cable TV salespersons and ask for quotations from several cable television companies. Ask for packages that will make your ad cost less. Choose to air your commercials only on relevant locations. The more spots you choose, the better the rate you will get. Timing is also important as ad rates also vary with the time of the year. And so to get a lesser rate, choose to book early in order to secure the slots you want.

Your location also influences how much you will be paying for your cable TV commercial. You can get 30 seconds advertising spots for less than $10 on small towns; and less than $200 for medium-sized towns. That’s several thousands of dollars in savings had one advertised on prime time broadcast television show.


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