What is Behaviorally Targeted Advertising

Behaviorally targeted advertising is where advertisements on the users screen appear in coherence to his or her viewing history. This is an effective way of getting the traffic flowing to these advertisements since they mimic the users interests.

Because of this the ads are specific per user and more likely to target his or her interests directly.

Behaviorally Targeted Advertising is more effective than regular advertising in a sense that it targets the user according to his behavior or history on the internet and surfing. As the user ventures on to sites of a particular genre, the advertisements that are displayed are those similar to the content of those sites. This is because the actions of the user are determined based on their visited sites and web searches.

The advertisement that will be displayed in the web browser will depend on the users viewing history, demographics, how long he or she stayed on a particular site and searches. This will allow the computer to display those advertisements that may be more interesting to the user.

There are several different ways in which the data or behavior is gathered from the user. Mostly data is gathered from publisher programs and cookies that have been dropped onto the browsers. It is because of this that there have been several misconceptions regarding privacy. Users are hesitant to accept cookies because of the possible breach of their private data, especially since the owner of the cookie views these anonymously.

This type of advertising is not as applicable to those that have several users per computer since the programs are not able to segregate the behavior per user. Otherwise, it is quite effective in getting the advertisements to their target audience.

The ads posted in this type of advertising are not limited to text and photos but may also include video and sound, to make the ad more interesting, entertaining and attractive to the user. Because of the feature of this type of ad it is of course more expensive to post than a regular ad. The behaviorally targeted ads provide more traffic and therefore more revenue to the owner.

At times especially when it comes to the Social Media, the information entered by the user is also added to the database cookies of the owner of the behaviorally targeted advertisement. The user then has ads displayed to him in accordance to his interests that he or she has entered. For more specificity the data regarding past purchases and demographics also help narrow down the select advertisements that will be displayed.


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