Cable TV Advertising Rates

If you want to run ads on cable TV, this is great news for you. The rates are negotiable and in most cases, you will only pay $2 to $25 per advertisement.

There are factors that affect the advertising rates and you have to consider them when negotiating for the price. Shop around and you can find the best deals in the market.

Cable TV Advertising Rates

Media advertising can change the way you conduct your business. Did you know that you can get significant results with cable TV advertising? The first thing that business owners look into is the advertising rate. It’s typical for an ad campaign to incur costs and this is also true with cable TV advertising. The television still plays a significant factor in promoting products and services. If you own a small business, you can benefit greatly from cable TV ads. The ads are cheap but you can reach a wider customer base. Most of today’s households have cable TV and there is a high chance that your ads can be seen.

Most people who watch cable TV have higher income and so they possess better buying capacity. Some cable networks can also send your ads on specific locations like neighborhoods and towns. If you want your ads to be aired during prime time, you may need to pay around $175. You can take advantage of lower rates if you choose to run your ads in multiple spots. A 30-second advertisement on ESPN and CNN can cost only $25 and $20 for Nick. At VH-1, you will only spend $15 per advertisement.

Prices are Negotiable

If you live in a small town and there is a cable provider there, you will only pay around $2 - $3 and you can already reach 40,000 people. Every hour, cable channels can have 4-6 advertisements thanks to digital technology. Here’s good news for you - the cable TV advertising rates are negotiable. There are channels that charge higher prices but others ask for low rates. Other factors that can influence the rates of the ads are the town size, the zones where you want to run the ads, and the time. You have to plan things out in advance so that you can take advantage of the best rates.

The harder part would be making the commercial. If you plan the spot thoroughly, you can also save on the cost. The best ads will only consist of 1-2 persons. Get to the point and make the commercial attractive. Shop for the best rates; in a small town, you can find several cable providers. Try to inquire about the costs and the rates charged for cable TV ads. This is your chance to reach a larger audience but with less cost as compared to conventional TV advertisements. What are you waiting for? Produce a commercial and have it aired on cable TV.


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