Aerial Advertising Rates

If you want to utilize aerial advertising, you should be aware of the various methods being used by companies. The most common methods are using blimps and skywriting.

The cost per mile is usually around $6 or below but this will depend on the company and the method of aerial ads.

Aerial Advertising Rates per Mile

Advertising is very important for promoting products, services, businesses, and organizations. A great form of advertising is through aerial ads. As the word suggests, advertising is made possible with the use of mobile billboards, display banners, aerobatics, or an aircraft. In today’s modern world, skywriting is now possible and this can be achieved through aerobatics that is combined with projectors or smoke. The traditional forms of aerial ads include the attaching a tail (banner ads) and affixing the ads to the body of the aircraft. In the US, this type of advertising has limitations especially in metropolitan areas.

Aerial advertising can be a bit costly as compared to other forms of traditional advertising because it involves the use of an aircraft. Most companies charge $6 or less per mile covered by the aircraft. If you want to get the best deals, there are factors to consider. You will need to choose a reputable company that can meet your needs. The methods used will also affect the aerial advertising rate. You can choose among these methods – employing a fixed-wing aircraft, blimps, and skywriting. The first options is not commonly used because the loiter capability of the jet engines, turbine, and turbojet is limited.

Aerial Advertising Rates and Methods Used

The most popular method used is blimps. When it comes to mobile billboards, blimps are quote effective carriers because they can loiter around for a long time at low speed. The fuel costs for the blimps are also less expensive, so you can take advantage of lower aerial advertising rates. Back in 1925, Goodyear was the very first company that utilized this form of advertisement. Today, blimps already come with LED billboards so that potential customers can easily see the advertisement at a distance. Skywriting is another good option especially for insurance companies, TV, and movies. This is a great advertising medium for creating brand awareness because of the short messages. There are even times when skywriting is used to make marriage proposals.

The aerial advertising rates don’t go beyond $6 per mile. There are companies that charge a much lower rate but this will depend on how many times you are going to advertise and on the method used. It’s best to go for the blimps or the skywriting because these two are the most popular methods used today. If you think that aerial ads will work for you, you can contact a reputable and established company now. Shop around so that you can compare the rates especially if budget is a major consideration.

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