Cost of Advertising on TV

If you want to know the cost of advertising on TV, you will have to look into these factors - time of year or day, channel, target audience, commercial type, commercial length, and additional aspects.

Once you’ve considered these factors, you can now calculate your potential expenditures for advertising. Make use of a TV commercial to generate more profits.

Cost of Advertising on TV

In the recent years, the cost of advertising on TV has declined considerably. This is primarily due to popularity of the satellite channels. You should be aware that niche audiences are now present, so you can enjoy targeting benefits. Several years ago, you will need to spend around $100,000 for the television advertising but now with $10,000 you can already make use of this effective advertising method. There are factors that affect the cost of advertising on TV and this includes the time of year or day, channel, target audience, commercial type, commercial length, and additional aspects.

You will be able to determine the cost once you’ve looked into these factors. If you want to cut down the costs of the advertising, the best months are January to February and August. The airtime is another consideration. The cheapest rates for the commercials are during the early morning hours. However, there is no sense in choosing an affordable rate if you can’t reach your target market. The peak times are quite expensive but if this is the ideal time for you to reach your audience, you can save some money for awhile and when you can already afford it, go for the TV commercial.

Television Advertising Costs for Small/Large Businesses

Smaller businesses usually can’t afford TV commercials in terrestrial channels but you see, this option is the quickest way to build brand awareness. If you think that you can find your target market in digital channels, you’re at an advantage because this is cheaper. Studying your target market or audience is vital as well. If your target market is highly selective, the advertising cost is higher. The channel figures are usually considered when finding targeted audience. There are two types of advertising and the cost will also be influenced type you use.

The branding type of commercial is expensive because the commercial will try to create a feeling that will be associated with the brand. This type of advertising will make up the 10% to 20% of the overall campaign cost. The second type is the immediate response and it encourages people to act at once by providing a phone number of business website. Commercials can be 10 to 30 seconds on length. The longer the commercial, the more expensive it is. The cost will also increase if the TV ads come with online advertising and other perks. So, how much as you willing to spend on the TV ads? You can now calculate the cost after looking into these factors.

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