How to Advertise in Facebook

With social networking at everyone’s grasp, it is now easier to advertise to people on the Net. And what more, it makes targeted marketing easier. So are you looking to advertise your business to a specific group of people?

Say the young or the Californians or the women? Then try making Facebook as your marketing platform.

The popularity of social networking has made “relationship marketing” far easier nowadays. Relationship marketing, wherein you promote your product to people within your social network, is proving more trust-generating than traditional random kind of marketing. Through it, customers can be assured you’d be delivering the services you promised, because you are in “relationship” with them for the long haul.

And nowadays, Facebook is emerging as the ultimate social networking site. It’s a great portal not only to connect with friends but also to promote businesses. So, how do you advertise on Facebook? There are two ways. You can choose the free way and set up a Facebook account for the business, treating it like a personal site. Or, if you are serious and want to pay whatever it costs to get your business known, you can choose the “pay per view” or “pay per click” advertising in Facebook.

Advertising in Facebook “Pay Per View” Or “Pay Per Click”

If the idea of paying may tempt you to draw back, hold. You can choose a maximum amount to pay per day so you can limit your spending to a budget you can afford. And you have the option whether to pay for each time your ad is clicked or everytime your ad is actually viewed. What you should do if you want to follow this path is to go to the Facebook portal, then to its Advertising page and open the “Advertising” link. From there you will be guided through the rest of the registration process. For your money’s worth, what you will be getting is – a targeted marketing. This is one of the best features of Facebook advertising. Rather than aimlessly throwing your advertising on everybody in other advertising portals, you can choose a specific demography to promote your business to. Among the choices are location, keyword, age, sex, and education. Imagine how efficient this is!

Facebook Advertising for Free

On the other hand, if you think you are not yet ready to launch a full-blown marketing campaign, you can still use Facebook to advertise your business. You can sign up to an account for the business for free. Just go to the Facebook Web page and sign up as you would if you are signing up a person. Create a network of friends for your account by starting with those who already knew of your business. Include your name on your site so that friends who do not know yet of your business will readily click on “add as friend” the moment you request a network connection with them. Update your site by posting photos of new products or new events about your business.


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