Types of Viral Marketing

When you plan to establish a business, selling your products or service could be one of your first considerations. Definitely, selling products or services is a great challenge for you especially if you don’t have enough knowledge about marketing. Using the types of viral marketing could be the best way to have an effective marketing.

The viral marketing can be used by vocal or network effects from the innovation of internet. Viral marketing can also be used through video clips, text messages, and other interactive processes.

When you buy a product of a particular establishment and you are satisfied with product, you usually recommend it to your friend and other people who also appreciate the product. And when you give your recommendation, they grab or avail the item. Usually, you express your satisfaction through telling your relatives or friends about the benefits you got from the items or service. Some of them will actually try the same item that you have recommended. This is the viral marketing strategies in which you could successfully advertise the item or service by word-of-mouth without using money on it. This is the process of viral marketing. It is said that it is an advertising strategy that attracts people to pass on selling message to friends and relatives.

Idea of Viral Marketing

The idea of viral marketing of passing along the selling message has been started for a long now. Steve Jurvetson, a business capitalist was the first man who was recognized to use viral marketing to illustrate Hotmail’s selling practice. This practice was designed to use an advertisement of itself on message which is expressed using the service. When a receiver gets attracted and press the ad icon, it will open to hotmail’s site for you to sign up. This process will go on and on and develop is the same to cycle business marketing. From this moment, viral marketing has been developed into different types.

Incentivised Viral Marketing

Incentivised viral is the first type of marketing strategy that is used by most businesses in which they offered rewards or incentives when they refer somebody or to recruit to the company. This process becomes more effective when they referred person who intentionally want to get the reward.

Pass-along Strategy

This strategy is the most common type of viral marketing. It uses internet wherein the selling process takes on websites. The innovation asks the users to tell-a- friend about the service or products. Most companies use this strategy since it offers a convenient way of marketing. However, the drawback of this strategy is there is a risk of the message being recognized as a spam. The purpose of the spam is to repeatedly remind the users about the service or products being offered.

Buzz Marketing

This strategy is being used in the entertainment world. Controversies is the best example of this strategy since it boost the interest of people such as involving stars of the commercial that not yet released. Buzz marketing aid the business to get the attention of the public people.


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