Steps to Establish Brand Name for Your Product

When you say business, everyone will surely agree that it is the brand that is responsible for bringing the message across the consumers. It is the brand name that everyone recognizes, and it’s rarely the company name.

How can you come up with a really effective brand? What are the makings of a successful brand in the market?

What is it that keeps the business or product in the mind of a person? It is not the man on the top seat of management, nor is it the huge or small amount of capital that they can find in the balance sheets. It is the brand that makes the product or company recognizable in the eyes of the customer.

The brand is what defines your business as a whole; it encompasses more than just a word or name. It is a symbol of your business, and it is what makes or break the recognition that your target market has for you. In short, the brand is identity that you maintain in the market.

As a new business, one of your tasks is to come up with a brand that will leave your mark in the market. The process is a very creative one, but consists of simple steps:

  • Know what your brand is all about
    This relates to what you are going to sell as a business. Are you going to sell shoes? Are you going to market musical instruments? This question is definitely answered when you first started your plans to create a business, and should be a breeze.
  • Get a feel for your target audience
    You should try to see what your target audience is feeling about their needs and standards for a product. This makes it easy for you to come up with a brand name later on. Brand names should be catchy and easily appeals to your target audience hence this step is very essential for achieving that.
  • Create your brand name
    This goes without saying that it is the most important part. Here are some guidelines in coming up with a brand name:

    - It should be original, or else you’ll run into lawsuits later on which will be detrimental to you as a small business.

    - The name should be easy to remember. Avoid using too fancy names, or those that are quite obscure and difficult to pronounce.
  • Make the brand name a reality
    At this point, you should start designing a logo. The logo will be the visual representation of your brand and is what the customers will remember you for. Just like the brand, it should be catchy and original.
  • Market your brand
    This is the last part of your preparation. There are many ways to market your brand, the most powerful of which is through a website. Advertising plays a key role in this, as well as your customer service and communication.


  • Luke musiga said on October 12, 2009
    What is the likely brand name for opening a vegetable supply shop
  • AR.Samy said on November 20, 2009
    I am manufacturer of KIDS APPAREL for Branded companies: we do according to the specifications of the Stores/branded companies. Now I want to establish my 'OWN BRAND". for selling "kids branded " styles. Please provide more ides. thanking for the guidelines provided so far


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