Mass Market Distribution Model by Iman

Former supermodel, Iman started her own business by producing new cosmetic products that would be side by side with major brands. Iman started her career when Peter Beard, a photographer discover her.

She was just 19 years old studying in a university in Nairobi. After a year, she got her first photo in Vogue which paved way to Iman Cosmetics.

The makeup artist didn’t have foundation formula for black skin. For over 20 years, Iman has been gracing the limelight. She was seen in different fashion show and modeling for great fashion designers. She also started to mix and match her foundation that would complement her skin. Women started noticing her skin and asked what products she is using.

In 1992, Iman retired from modeling. This is when she started focusing on creating products for women with color. She found a business partner and did her own research. The study shows that there is a need to create a product specifically targeting this kind of market. In 1994, Iman cosmetics were launched in JC Penney stores. She also accompanies the line with skincare line. It was also launched in different countries like England, France and Canada. After a few years, she also launched her own handbags and accessories.

Iman revealed that she first wants a black estee lauder. She immediately saw the potential of an emerging niche market for women with color. Initially the product already got a huge customer based that proven the decision made sense. They are very much willing to give the brand support. Immediately the brand got 10 employees and it was a success. Press began to create stories about the product. Magazine editors and celebrities started using the product. There are instances when women are showing me products in their bags. After several years in business, they have experience difficulty especially when JC Penny removed their products in the store. They shift into another direction and focused on sales distribution.

They selected another department store that has a larger chain which more profitable because it has wider client based. Iman products started selling in Wal Mart and Target. They are two largest department stores. One thing that can contribute to success of people knows the customer. Going to mass market is a good strategy. It is better to select partners in the area with good customer based. This is best in order to understand the products. You need to partner with a retailer that knows about your product as well. This would help you place in strategic location of the store.

Of course when starting a business, it is better to be careful. Tread the waters carefully. The distribution in mass market should be handled with care. It is best to know your retailers so you can able to tap potential clients. They can help you in placing your products in the store. You need to be friends with them in order to put you before major brands. You can even get to design your wall that is a good marketing strategy.


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