How to Promote Your Brand in Twitter

If one is an active user of the Internet, then he/she could easily say what Twitter is all about. It is a tool that is rapidly becoming popular among Internet users, most especially writers and those that have people following their media everyday.

For marketers, however, how can they take advantage of Twitter to promote their brands?

Brand promotion is very crucial in a business’ life. This is because people recognize brands more than they recognize a company. Nike became popular because of its name, and not all the times because of the product. Other products also become popular by default because of the brand name that they carry. All in all, you can see the importance of making people recognize your brand.

That’s where Twitter comes in. Twitter is a new tool that has helped people advertise their personal businesses and skills well as find the things that they are looking for. At first glance, it looks just like everyone is having a conversation which is exactly what Twitter is for.

Of course, it takes some effort as well in order to successfully market your brand in Twitter. Take note, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a large or a small brand, or whether you’re new or old: you can still take advantage of Twitter to get your brand across to your intended market.

First, you have to know your market and how they will react to your brand. If you’re an existing brand, find out first what the buzz is about your brand name in Twitter. Search for links and shout outs that are pertinent to your brand. This way, you can judge how receptive the audience is to your marketing and your brand, thus plan your approach accordingly.

Once you’ve known what their thoughts are about your product, start conversing with them. Don’t try and even promote your products; just start clean conversations. If you start marketing yourself, the people will become disinterested and ignore your tweets. Why not try and link your articles to your Twitter? Once you’ve built up a network of followers, you can make sure people will be looking your articles if you use your Twitter to lead them to your published work. Remember, article publishing is just one of the things that help link building. Twitter links cannot count towards link building because there is a “nofollow” attribute that is automatically added to the link’s tags, but it can help direct traffic to articles whose links are counted towards your popularity.

In a nutshell, the real help that Twitter can give to your brand marketing is to direct your readers and followers to an outside post that will capture their interest. Once you can capture their interest, you can then start to promote your brand through informative articles that you will present to them one by one. Once you’ve developed a solid following of your articles, you can be sure that you can find those that will recognize and even promote your brand on your behalf.


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