Why Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing differs from the traditional marketing communications model in a sense that this form engages the audience with more interactivity when it comes to the marketing practice. Popular social media tools include: Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, etc...

This form of marketing enables the users to communicate directly with the organization to which they are linked or connected to.

Social Media Marketing is the most popular form of marketing around nowadays. Several businesses and industries are all engaged in this form of marketing. Not only does it allow the customers, its users, more interactivity in conveying their concerns, but also an efficient and direct form of communication to the actual organization.

With the advantage of internet, organizations are capable of interacting with their customers and therefore directly communicate with them. This interaction provides the organizations with a considerable amount of traffic to their organization with minimal effort.

The most popular Social Media Tool today is Facebook. Through facebook people are allowed to communicate with each other within a network. It is through this network that several different types of marketing takes place. Online buying and selling is one example of such. The internet is the cheapest way to get the word out that you have started an online business. With just a few clicks you can already get hundreds if not thousands of people viewing your advertisements.

Social Media tools also help in promoting certain developments, be it within your social circle or out of your social circle. You are able to regulate who sees what when it comes to promotion. When it comes to dealing with particular concerns, the social media is able to assess the customers concerns directly through Social Media. It provides a faster form of communication between customer service and customer complaints, so as to assess issues at a speedy rate.

Several organizations have their jobs and personnel segregated into groups. One group may be in charge of Promotions, the other Advertisements. Web development personnel monitor the organization and are usually in charge of broadcasting updates and announcements. The bigger the organization, the more subgroups it is divided into to tackle the different aspects of Social Media Marketing.

Because of social media, organizations are able to specify the needs of the customers based on the information and criteria they provide to the Social Media Tool. Campaigning through social media has become very successful because of this. Companies are able to reach their target audiences and a lot of time and effort is saved trying to find out who is interested in what since everything has already been laid out.

Another use for the social media is that it garners the opinions, likes and dislikes of the population. Companies are able to weigh in more important factors of their organization. Say for example a particular company plans on launching a new kind of product. This organization could very well use Social Media Marketing to figure out how the public will react to its release and creation, even before it is created! This feedback of information will save the company plenty of money on manufacturing. Also the company will be able to make improvements on their production.

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  • mugerwa ali said on February 23, 2013
    i am into marketing of furniture but i need more strategies to market it in a third world country like uganda in the eastern part of africa


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